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Cranberry Palette

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Mariah  P.

Although I already own some of these cookies in other palettes, the color payoff, creamy soft texture, and performance of these shadows are like no other. Would recommend to everyone as this is a universal palette which I’m sure will complement all skin tones! 💕

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Deanna D.
Great for around and on Valentine's Day

I received this palette at the beginning of December 2019. I used it several times that month and have just pulled it back out and put it in my every day makeup drawer to use during the "season" of Valentine's Day. My Cranberry palette is the reformulated version, with the white packaging and the matte shades instead of the cream-to-powder shades. As an aside, I own her Biba and Metropolis palettes and enjoy the cream-to-powder formula, and I do wonder how that formula would have worked in this palette. Regardless, these mattes are very nice; they are pigmented and also blend beautifully and quickly. Having said that, the gorgeous shimmers are the stars of this show. I just purchased the new midi-sized Love palette and am curious to see how well it and the Cranberry complement each other!

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Nokhei P.
Excellent shimmers but disappointing matt
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Those shimmers are super pigmented, creamy and could blend so so so well, but the matt especially the dark purple one is quite disappointing:( I didn't swatch it on arms before applying on eyes because you know, it's Natasha. I regretted, it blends badly on my eyes so I did the swatches.

Ummm you can see the difference between the shimmers and the matt. I took only a small amount of shadow and the shimmers are pretty enough. It's fixable and not that bad for the matt but I'm just feeling disappointed with the difference. The shimmers are still worth the money tho.

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Maria Antonia M.
One of my favs
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Since Natasha changed the cream to powder for creamy mattes in the white packaging palette, all the shades are delightful. This palette is one of the prettiest that I own from Natasha.

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Laura o.

I really like these little mini pallets! I ordered this one because of the vibrant colors. I had no problem blending them and they didn’t stain my eyelids when I removed which was a plus. Natasha Denona makes beautiful eyeshadows!

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Maison F.
Natasha Never Ceases To Disappoint!

I am a huge collector of all things Natasha Denona. When her Cranberry Palette first came out a few months ago, of course I had to buy it! This is a very typical color scheme for me, as I love berries, reds, nudes, etc. This palette, like all ND palettes, is super pigmented, high quality and easily workable (if you know how to use ND eyeshadows properly). I love all the shades, but the pop of a coral-tangerine was a great little surprise! The looks you can create with this palette, especially if you have other Natasha palettes, are endless! Can't wait for all her future releases as I just preordered her Sunrise :)

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Lisa A.
Natasha Denona Favorite small palette!

I have blue eyes and this unique palette is so flattering! I do lay down a light matte tan blending shade in the crease to start, then I get creative! Very little fallout, blends easily, sometimes I add a little extra pop on the ball of lid with my finger with the pink or orangey shade. This palette can be worn year round. I use a mix of Tom Ford, Mac, Surratt brushes. So I have been using natural hair brushes for my application (and the occasional finger). You won't regret this one!

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Jennifer W.
Love it!

This cranberry palette is just gorgeous. The colors apply like butter, so soft n blends perfectly. No fallout, go bold or subtle beautiful either way. The size of the pans are big “huge plus” and the packaging is top notch, nothing cheap n flimsy at all about it. So happy I bought this palette, it goes prefectly with the new Bloom blush n glow blush palette. Thinking about buying another one for a back up, don’t ever want to be without either palette. Congrats Natasha Denona on another fabulous eyeshadow n blush palette.

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Araceli T.

I have been wanting to try Natasha Denona for a while now. So, I thought I would take a chance with a small palette. The shimmers are very glittery. The colors are pretty unique. Although for the price point, I still prefer Viseart. Just my humble opinion.

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Madeline B.
ND Has Done It Again!

These shades are so beautiful and so pigmented!! Amazing quality as always! I absolutely adore this palette and am so happy to have it in my ever growing collection of Natasha Denona palettes and products!!

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