ShineClassic Multi Powder Compact

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Reproducing the Essence of Korean Culture

The ShineClassic Powder Compacts are crafted with a traditional Korean silver or gold inlaying technique called Ipsa.

"The craft of Ipsa is delicate and beautiful. The brilliance of gold and silver on the metallic foundation makes the work more elaborate and elegant. The skilled craftsman inlays an image into the engraved area, requiring persistent endurance and spirit of simplicity. For this reason, the craft of Ipsa, known as “the purification of metal craft,” is considered Korea’s representative craft."

- Excerpt from the Cultural Heritage Administration Website

Design Inspiration

In traditional Korean culture, deer are considered holy animals, symbolizing resilience and ultimate power, due to their tree branch-shaped antlers. Deer antlers would grow, fall off, and grow back again, visually representing regeneration and longevity. The ShineClassic Powder Compact features deer and elixir plant motifs, both often depicted as traditional symbols of longevity.


Lisa A.

This is an incredible luxe offering from Sulwhasoo. The fine artistry of the compact is difficult to capture in a photo. It is weighty and beautiful and their is a protective pouch for travel. The picture of the blush is spot on. Don't be afraid of the bright shade, I am fair-light and it applies easily on me. It could be built up to maximum intensity for women of color with easy. The shine factor is subtle and sublime, not glittery or garish. It does come with a collapsible portable brush that is very useful. You can refill the compact too! I highly recommend this splurge!

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Mary W.
Nice design on the compact, but...

I was very excited to receive this limited edition compact. Sadly, it arrived damaged, with the top half sitting slightly askew when I opened it! I tried to correct its placement, and almost succeeded- then I realized that something that cost me $180 should not need any adjustments. Back it goes! P.S. The included powder and brush are nothing special, compared to Chanel or Dior.

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Ellen S.
Absolutely beatiful

This compact looks better in real life than depicted in the pictures. It arrived beautifully packaged in a heavy silver box. Included is a travel brush and a heavy pouch for travel. The pouch has a suede feel with a magnetic closure.

The compact has some heft with a stunning 3D design on the case. You open the compact by pushing on a heavy push pin. There's also a mirror inside the case. Inside the blush has coral and pink color, separated by a pearl colored shade. Though you could potentially use the pink and coral individually., I swirl my brush thru both colors to apply a beautiful pink/coral satin finish that doesn't settle into my fine lines. The blush has lasted 10+ hours for me. For reference, I have a medium complexion.

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Carina T.
stunning collectable

I bought both collectable compacts in this line and I absolutely treasure them. The product inside is superior, but I bought them for the compacts.