Urban Decay

Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush

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Liza G.
gives an airbrushed look

Synthetic brushes are my thing. I own every brush Urban Decay makes and this is one of my favorites. This brush was created to pair with their Naked Skin foundation, but I've used it on many different foundations including mineral makeup and even blush. Just swirl the brush into the product, or if using liquid, tap brush into some foundation and buff into the skin using circular motions. The result is an amazing airbrushed look!

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Jordan B.

Was not expecting to love this brush as much as I do. I bought it 2 weeks ago & tonight was the first night I tried it. Literally took me 30 seconds to apply my foundation. And it looks flawless. It evenly distributed product & no product was left on the brush after. This is my new favorite brush. I will definitely be buying a few more for my clients.

Alexys F.

This is one of my favorite brushes out there. I use it for everything. Although I believe it takes in a lot of product, it is fantastic for blending. It works with every foundation, and is just amazing. I wish it came in colors <3

Andrea O.
It will save your life every time!!!

this brush is the BEST foundation brush i have ever used!!!! it is so soft and super dense. i know itsa bit of a splurge to get it it, but it works with alllll foundations, but the best with the one it was designed for Urban Decay's Naked foundation which is one of my favs too. It blends everything together, it gives you this finished polished off look, this brush will not leave a single streak, it will make you look like an airbrushed model

Jennifer D.
I love this blurring brush..

When i first tried it I really liked how it put on my foundation. I used the foundation at the sephora store but at home i used my own and it makes your foundation look nicely airbrush. Pretty good price for the quality. It is synthetic . Easier to clean. I really like the feel of the brush. I was also looking for sigma brushes but saw this one and tried it and like the feel . It does exactly what it says helps in the application of foundation , helps buff it in and feel really good. I like it , I wish all the brushes were like this. Feels really nice to apply make up .

Maribel S.

i lovee this brush! realy blends your foundation well, so that it has that airbrushed look to it and makes it look more flawless! love love love this one for sure, i always recommend it to my clients :) <3