Semi Matte Lipstick


Kathryn D.
Most beautiful matte finish

The matte finish on these is really truly amazing. I've only tried Heatwave and Catfight. I returned Catfight because it's a bit grainy. Heatwave is ridiculously smooth going on, feels moisturizing, and has this lovely slightly sheeny finish to it.

Brianne S.

I was looking for a bright, matte pink and I found it with this lipstick! It worked better to "build" up layers with the color because it gets too matte if you just apply it on. I really suggest this if you LOVE color!!!

Alicia H.
My Signature Shade

This is the perfect shade of red for any season - not too orange based, not too blue based but can brighten any look. It's matte without looking dry half way through the day. I would say you get a good 6 hour wear out of it. Even when it fades you get almost an ombre sheer stain look. Definitely on my top 5 cannot live without beauty products.

Amanda Y.

I have this in Red Lizard and my friends always ask what lipstick I use! The color is a perfect red; not too orange, and not too dark. By itself, the lipstick is a little drying, but nothing a little lip balm will fix.

Bees H.
Perfect for brown and chocolate tones! :)

I love the Nars lipstick in Barbarella- not only does it have conditioning properties but the color gives off a subtle pink tone and makes my lips neutral. This is definitely a favorite!!

Keeya-lee A.

This really is the PERFECT lipstick. It's a gorgeous colour, it's rich and moisturising while being ultra long-lasting. I wear it whenever I need a confidence boost and it makes me feel amazing.

Kimberley L.

I have been looking for a color like this forever. The color is bright, it stays on, and it goes on smooth. I would buy again and again. The only complaint I have is that the cap does not stay on.

Chelsey M.
Perfect confidence booster!

I love love looooooove this lipstick! Best purchase ever! I feel so powerful when I wear this hot pink lipstick. I get complimented a lot with it too! It lasts a really long time on the lips (perk of a semi-matte finish!) and doesn't wear off at all!

Karina V.

I only own one NARS lipstick, but Nars Funny Face is by far my favorite as far as texture and pigmentation. Lasts for hours, and doesn't develop that icky sticky film most lipsticks and glosses do. Funny Face is a bold color, but it can be worn day or night, depending on eye makeup.

Jessica W.
Better than ice cream.

This lipstick is amazing. Whenever I wear it, I feel gorgeous and confident. A single product that can do that sells itself. Its pricey but you don't need a lot of product and its better to use a lip brush for application so you can make the tube last. Its an investment in compliments and confidence. My grandmothers' friend loved it so much, she bought the same one! 73 years old and rocking the bright pink lip like a hot mama!