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Simone W.
Worth every penny

I'm not sure why I can't get the full star-age on this but trust, I'm giving it the full 5. Taj Majal is a brown skinned girl's dream. It's gorgeous. You only need a little bit so I figure it will last forever which kinda evens out the cost. This blush is the truth! Please, please, please try. It makes you look like you're glowing from within. Who wouldn't want that?

edit...purchased Exhibit A and I love it just as much as Taj Mahal. So natural looking and long lasting. It makes me look healthy and happy. Love. Don't be skerred, try it. : p

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Crystal D.
Favourite Blush Hands Down

This is my favourite blush in my huge blush collection point blank period. I purchased this years ago and brought it on every vacation and wore it nearly every day and it dropped on the ground and was devastated. I grit my teeth and bought a second one (they are a bit pricey) because I really missed it and I am sure glad I did again because the beautiful glow it leaves on my dark skin is amazing. Darker ladies if you are sleeping on this stop! This is a must! This blush gives so much life lol

Jennifer D.
Love the pigment and summer color look

I love this blush, the pigments soft and looks natural. I love the look of this summer glow. Not orangy but more golden. It's a really pretty color!

Djamillah Y.
I love it

Best orange blush for dark-skinned woman! A must-have! I was looking for a blush that would gives me that summer/glowing look and I finall found the right one! If you're a NC45/NC50 or a Revlon Caramel, you MUST try this one! I promise you won't have any regrets!

Tracy R.

I just recent started my NARS collection. My first was TAOS then Luster. The flush of color made my skin come alive. Then I tried TAJ MAHAL!!! I am in love. this blush is life changing. If you are a women of color (MAC nw 45 or more) get this. I have been using this everday. I love my other two but taj mahal has been my go to everyday. orgasm is pretty but shows up to chalky on my skin. who is loving this color?