Beauty Product Reviews

so i decided to try this moisturizer out a few years ago, and i was really happy with the results. it not only lasts a super long time, but it does the job of moisturizing your skin very well. i don't even have dry skin, but it still worked well for my combination skin. the scent is calm and it doesn't smell like a perfume, but its definitely not bad at all. i actually found it to be calming. anyways, i really loved it and suggest it to anyone.

my mom actually purchased this lip balm first to try it out, but after using it my self, i completely fell in love with this product. ive bought again and again since. its really smooth and silky, and you can instantly feel your lips soften and become smooth after using it. i also like he honey one as well.

I love them!

When I first saw this product, a friend had one and my first impression was honestly like" that's a weird name" and I seriously thought it was babyish. Then I started seeing different adds for them in like teen vogue and seventeen, and I decided to check them out and give them a try. I was really happy with the results and I think there awesome. There creamy and tinted just enough that it works like a light lipstick. It moisturizes, has SPF, and has a pop of color.