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A bomb of a fragrance

I was told by various friends that "Flower Bomb" by Victor and Rolf was an amazing fragrance, but my experience was quite different. "Flowerbomb" contains too many notes of Patchouli and Jasmine and irritated my allergies, After showering, I apply a squirt of "Flowerbomb" to my wrist and neck, This fragrance is overwhelming and gave me an immediate headache. I would recommend this fragrance to anyone that likes florals scents and gravitates towards fragrances that contain Jasmine and Patchouli. I don't consider "Flowerbomb" to be a good buy because it is expensive and smells very similar to other flowery fragrances on the market. I would compare this fragrance to Givenchy "Play" or "Alien". I wont buy this fragrance in the future because it is too flowery and gives me an instant migraine.

Too musky

I was searching for a fragrance that was bold and non flowery. "Alien" smells intriguing at first, but is very overwhelming and contains a great deal of jasmine that I am allergic to. It is definitely a bold scent, but in an old lady perfume, kind of way. After showering, I apply a squirt of "Alien" to my wrist and neck. The fragrance comes out in a nice mist, but gave me a migraine by the end of the day. I would recommend this fragrance to those that like Musky fragrances or love the scent of Jasmine. This fragrance is comparable to Givenchy "Play" and is also overwhelming. For a bold fragrance for winter, I would recommend Dolce and Gabanna's Red fragrance; it is inviting and captivating. I will definitely not buy this fragrance again because it is too musky and gives me a headache.

A citrusy, summer fragrance

I was looking for a summer fragrance that had citrus notes and smelled sweet. I tried Marc Jacobs apple, which smells like sweet candied apple with a hint of rosemary. I love that the fragrance smells sweet, but mature. After showering, I apply a squirt of "Apple" to my neck and wrist. I love that this fragrance lasts all day and is a nice alternative to floral scents. I would recommend this fragrance to those that are looking for a new summer spring scent that is unusual and captivating. I would compare this fragrance to Ck1 with a sweet twist. I like that this fragrance combines herbal and citrus notes to create a unique scent. I would definitely buy this perfume again because smells great, doesn't give me a headache, and is of great value.


I was looking for a lip gloss that would moisten lips, taste good ,and give my lips a hint of color. I like the rose quartz lip gloss because it has a hint of sweetness and gives my lips moisture. I think that the product is average and is similar to many glosses, on the market that moisten and give a hint of color. I much prefer Loreals glosses that come in array of shades and cost much less than Lancome. i wouldn't recommend this product because it is very average and is more expensive than most drug store brands that moisten and color lips just as well. In terms of application, I use NYX lipstick in "Flirty" and dab "Rose quartz" to my lips to moisten and make lips look glossy. I would not buy Lancomes juicy tubes again and much prefer, Loreals affordable lip glosses.

One of my favorite fragrances

"Innocent" is a beautiful scent that is reminiscent of cotton candy, baby powder and all of the delightful smells of childhood. It is an inviting scent that I have received various compliments on. After showering, I apply "Innocent" to both of my wrists and neck. Innocent smells clean, calming and intriguing. I love that the scent is girly and feminine. The scent is breathtaking and complex. I would recommend this fragrance to those that like clean, powdery, sweet fragrances. Innocent's smell is similar to Armani She and feels young. I would purchase this fragrance again and believe it to be of great value. Innocent is a fragrance that never gets old..

A nutty, sweet scent

What an interesting fragrance? Marc Jacobs fragrance, "Biscotti" is a unique scent that has the perfect amount of sweet, nutty, and warm notes. The scent is reminiscent of having a nice frothy cappuccino and enjoying a biscotti. This fragrance evokes memories of the holidays and is an innocent, girly scent. After showering, I spray a squirt of "Biscotti" on my wrists and neck. The fragrance gets even more splendid as the day goes by. I would compare this scent to " Pink Sugar" , but it is more complex scent that can be worn by people from various age groups. I would recommend this fragrance to those that like sweet/nutty fragrances or want to try something new for the holidays. I would buy this fragrance again because it has a nice blend of vanilla and pistachio.

Too much jasmine and gardenia

I have had a few friends tell me that they absolutely love this scent, but I really can't stand the smell of "Daisy" by Marc Jacobs. I am allergic to Jasmine and the smell of gardenia was overwhelming. The name "Daisy" does fit the fragrance; it is a happy fragrance that is sweet and flowery. The fragrance is a good fit for for summer and spring. After showering, I apply "Daisy" to both of my wrists and neck. When I first smelled the scent it reminded me of spring time, but over the course of the day it gave me a headache. I would compare "Daisy" to the smell of "Happy" by Clinique; it's sweet and flowery like "Happy", but the gardenia and jasmine ruin the fragrance. If one likes Coco Channel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Happy and other floral scents, then one should enjoy "Daisy" by Marc Jacobs. I will not buy this fragrance again because it gives me a headache and has too many notes of jasmine and gardenia.

Strong and overwhelming

This is an overwhelming, flowery, fragrance that I could imagine on an older woman. I was expecting the fragrance to be lighter because it has vanilla and ginger in it, but it smelled like a strong bouquet of flowers. The fragrance has a hint of musk that I didn't care for. After showering, I apply a squirt of the fragrance on my wrist and neck. The scent is very strong and lasted all day on my skin. By the end of the day, I couldn't stand the scent and had a headache. I would recommend this fragrance to a person that likes strong, flowery, musky scents. I do like the design of the bottle and the design motivated me to try the fragrance. I would compare Jean Paul Gaultiers scent to a much stronger Coco Channel. I would not buy this fragrance again because it gave me a headache and reminded of old lady perfume.

Go on easily

I wanted to find an eyeliner that went on easily and gave me a great deal of precision. Often times, I have to remove all of my eye-makeup because I screw up on my liner and have to start over again. I love that this liner goes on so smoothly and is fool proof. After I have put on my eyeshadow , I gently take Maybellines Unstoppable eyeliner and guide it along my upper and lower and lash line. The liner precisely lines my lashes and gives them an instant pop. I finish the look, with two coats of Maybellines black washable mascara. I would highly recommend this liner, to those that are sick of screwing up on their liner and have a problem keeping their hands steady. I have tried Channel, Estee Lauder, Prescriptives eyeliners, but none of them have had the ease of application, as Maybellines unstoppable liner. I love that the liner doesn't smudge and is long lasting. I will continue to buy this product because it is inexpensive, smudge proof, and easily applied.

An instant lift to the eyes

I heard about Clarins from a friend of mine that had used their products for years. I wanted to find an eyecream that lifted away dark circles and puffiness and reduced the signs of aging. I am 28 years old and wanted to find something that instantly brightened eyes. After washing my face with Aveeno calming cleanser, I apply a very small amount (with my ring finger) of Clarins eye serum to the lower part of my eye. The serum feels great on the eyes. After a few weeks of using the product I saw a reduction of puffiness and dark circles. Overall, my eyes looked refreshed. I have tried Aveeno and Oil Olay night serum, but Clarins super lift serum brightened the look of my eyes and reduced my dark circles. Although Clarins products are on the expensive side, they are of great quality and the eye serum lasted me an entire year. I would definitely buy this product again and would recommend it to those that are trying to get rid of dark circles and puffiness around their eyes.

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