Beauty Product Reviews

i like it but not alot in it!

i love this i use it to set my foundation, i use it along side the hello flawless foundation. i just think it need to be a bit bigger as its not cheep to buy, but still it dosent put me off buying it as its fab!


i have used this a few times like on hot days or if am just popping out and dont want a full face of makeup, but i had to stop using as in natural light i looked yellow... i have fair skin but even the light one made me look like an opalompa, this is sad as i love Benefit so much.

best i have ever used!!

this foundation has to be the best i have ever used! its very light wait on your skin but has superb coverage and lasts all day! i dont have to touch up even after a full day of work! love the fact its one of the only foundations with such a high SPF also two birds one stone. get it, it's fab!

great works a treat!

omg this stuff is so bloody good makes your skin so soft and ready for make up, quite a big tube and a little goes a long way so not much is need. i use it every day dont know what i would do without it!!!


this is bloody fab makes my lashes look so long and full, the brush has to be the best mascara brush i have come across, makes doing the bottom lashes so easy. got this with a free handbag size one also bonus..


i love this such a nice color on my lips and cheeks! i got it as part of the new Tropicoral kit, so its only a small one but i will be getting the full size one when this has run out.. lasts for ages with nice results, and might i just add the new kits they are doing are well worth the money..:)

love it!

this stuff is fab, hides everything and its very light wait, perfect for under the eyes and it lasts forever...well worthy peace of kit for your make up bag! i use mine every day and had it for 3 months and still have loads left!