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Somewhat brighter skin

I've been using for a few days and I have started noticing improvement skin does look less dull. There's mild scent reminiscent of fresh coffee which goes away after a few minutes.

Absorbs quickly into skin.

Loving it so far

It's very gentle, fells like water on your skin. After a few days I did notice improvement on my forehead and under eyes. The fine creases are less noticeble and skins a bit softer.

Really love the Nina's orchid from this palette. It's cery pigmented and blend well with other shades to give a bit of pop. Lobg wearing but I still use a primer especially if your skin tends to be on the dry side.

Love it splurge on this vs a facial

It is a bit pricy and the blue tansy smell may not be for everyone I personally love it. In terms of splurge I'd opt for this over a fancy facial the results last a few more days.

Finally a nice non drying matte

I love the color on my lips. It feels creamy on the lips. not shiny looks like your lips but better. Doesn't make lips dry after like most mattes. It does fade so may need retouching as it isn't a stain

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Favorite powder brow product

I love this for getting a bit more auburn brown. Use a slanted brow brush snd mix the yellow shade with the brown to get a bit of auburn color. pe fect for filling in brows quickly. This is not a waterproof product so may fade if you sweat or rub the area.

I wanted to love this

I loved the bronzer so I got this for highlighting. I wanted to love this but it applies too pearly white. The color in the compact is perfect but it needs to be sparringly used or you get harsh white lighting look on darker skin.

It maybe perfect for fair skinned ladies looking for perfect pearly skin.

Great for setting makeup

It's matte but not drying. Very fine so only take half the sticker off or you will get dust cloud accident common with very fine powders. I like mixing with eshiko powder.

Love this!

It's my new everyday go to lipstick. the rose flush gives me nude but better look. I liked how moisturizing it is I got a tube of pure joy for days I want just a bit more color.

It does feel like a balm not like standard lipstain. It will stick to glass but doesn't smear from smacking.

Good to add extra rosy tone to tan

I find this works better to layer above Ibiza like rosy brown blush. Ibiza gives a better beachy tanned look.

Moon Beach is good if you want peachy rosiness.

All of the sticks do have a light glitter so not matte tan look. If you have fine lines you may want ro yse a primer first.

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