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I got this in a little sample size from ULTA, and I just love it. The color is very unique. I owned quite a few brown eyeliners (which is what I use this as), but not a red brown with slight red shimmer. It's gorgeous, and makes my green eyes pop. I love using it as a smudged out liner, or using a liner brush to make it a nice crisp line. Once this stuff sets, it's there until you take it off. I plan on buying the full size version when I run out of this one. I have not tried it as a shadow, it seems like it would be too hard to work with.


This palette, to me, is a little more wearable than the Naked palette by Urban Decay. I find myself reaching for this more for the sole reason that there are more matte shades. I almost exclusively use "Bare" as my brow highlight. "Kitten" makes an amazing inner corner highlight, and "Bliss" is an amazing transition color. Unlike a lot of palettes I own, I can do an entire put together eyeshadow look with this palette. The texture for some of them are not as great as other brands, but I don't mind because the color payoff is just as good.

The Naked palette was the first "high-end" purchase I ever made. I'm not gonna go into detail on it, because this is probably one of the most reviewed eyeshadow palettes pretty much ever, but it's safe to say it's a really great palette. I wouldn't say it's a staple for me, as I only regularly use maybe four shadows from it, but it is great to have around and I'm glad I bought it.

These are so much fun. I have two colors. The first one I got was Valentine. It's a gorgeous, super glittery hot pink. The color is so great, that it makes me a little sad to say it's hard to work with. The glitter makes for a less-than-great texture. Once you get it to be even, it's a little drying. I still wear it, it just isn't the best. The other color I have, Adora, is completely different. It's a metallic candy apple red. It's texture is nice and smooth, and the color payoff is amazing. So in love with this one. I love the idea of the Foiled Love lipsticks. Metallic lips are so awesome. I also like that these aren't scented.

I only have one color, Blase Apricot, which at the time was the only color I owned of that variety. It's a gorgeous color. I had trouble wearing it at first because of the smell (smells strongly of talcum powder or something), but I've gotten used to it. I'm glad, because I really like the color and the formula.

Great color selection

I like these because they're fairly cheap, good lipsticks with an awesome color selection. When I want to try out a new color but don't want to waste money on something I might not like, I go for these. I have Black Cherry, Va Va Violet, Primrose, Stormy Pink and Violet Frenzy. I love them all. They're decently pigmented, not drying and they don't have a scent (which I love).

So so good

I love these lipsticks. I bought the Spellbinding Lipstick set a while back, and fell so in love. I love having a variety of colors to play with, so this was so perfect. The colors that I fell most in love with, luckily, come in full size versions which I plan on buying when I run out of the small versions. They are A Go-Go (true orange), Backstage Bambi (hot pink), and Lovecraft (perfect pink nude). The others that I loved that sadly do not have full sized versions are: Vampira (dark brown red), Thin Lizzy (super cool metallic reddish-coral) and L.U.V (cool true purple). Amazing color selection aside, the formula on these is fantastic. They last a long time and they're super pigmented, without being drying. What more can one ask for?

Holy grail lipstick

I have five of these lipsticks. Catfight, F-Bomb, Turn On and my favorites, Venom and Shame. They are SO GOOD. They last a really long time, they're super pigmented and they have the perfect creamy consistency. They're not glossy at all, but they aren't matte. They definitely transfer, but it takes a while for them to noticeably fade. Catfight is a beautiful bright pinky red. F-Bomb is a classic red, my favorite red that I own. Turn On, a dusty pink, is my least favorite color out of them all, it just doesn't suit my skin tone. But it's still pretty. Venom is a deep berry purple, super pigmented, super bold. Shame is no doubt my favorite and the one that I wanted the most when they came out. Its a dark, burgundy red shade that is so freaking perfect for fall. I wore it so much in the fall and winter. The packaging on these is sleek and beautiful. It's simple yet luxe. I love everything about them.


These are so great. I only have one, but I really love it and plan on buying more. The color I wanted was always out of stock, so I had to wait a while to get it, but I'm so glad I did. It's a nice fairly pigmented orange gloss. It's great on it's own or layered over one of my orange lipsticks. I love the smell of these. They can feel a little sticky if you put too much on, but I don't mind.


I really did not like these. I don't wanna say hate, but... no good. First off, they feel like rubbing water on your lips. Very thin, and they made my lips feel weird. I got four colors and they all looked pretty much the same to me, especially after wearing them for a couple hours. Overall, very underwhelming. The only sort of good thing was the smell. It smells like fruit punch.

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