Beauty Product Reviews

Frosty nailpolish

Love these polishes. They've got the sandy finish and last at least a few days before chipping. They cover well so you could do with just one layer. Overall I think gosh is a cheap brand but it's got some good products!

Changed formula

A while ago MAC changed the formula of this foundation. Before there was shimmer in it, great for dry skin. Now the texture is thinner and easy to apply but even with primer unfortunately not the same effect. Overall a good foundation, does the job and isn't too cakey. Just missing the old formula!

All time favorite

This creamy moisturiser is great for dry skin or skin that is easily irritated. I use it to take off heavy eye make up, as a restoring mask and as day/night cream when my skin needs a little more moisture. It's truly a skin must have!

Non greasy hair oil

I've got fine hair so often when I use hair oils or serums for dry ends it ends up getting greasy anyway. This formula is so soft and makes your hair look amazing healthy and tames dry ends and frizz. Very happy with this product as you don't need to use much so it lasts forever.

Two in one shimmery highlighter

A shimmering quite thin creamy texture (could've been better off in a tube..) but is great for mixing with your foundation to give a shimmer all over your face or use alone just to highlight under eyebrows, temples and cheekbones. The blush in the top, you don't need much, it is very pigmented and very shimmery. This one is more for a night out or when you have slight tan.

Best for dry skin

Gives that bit of shimmer for dry skin to cover dry patches. Medium coverage, not cakey, applied best with fingers or for more coverage with stippling brush. All time favorite.