Beauty Product Reviews

Perfect for every skin

I got this on a recommendation and I absolutely love it. I have very light skin and it actually fits me. I also have combination. Skin. It's very liquidiy when. It. Goes. On but


I use this everyday and I don't see a difference with acne or anything, but it does cover it! I use this with a tinted moisturizer all the time and I look like I have flawless skin! It doesn't get cakey on me and is so soft!

Makes my face look oily

I mean it does really draw attention to the areas I apply it in, but I can only use a little on my nose and some above my upper lip, otherwise I look super oily.

Cute but hurts

When I got this I was dumb and didn't pay attention to the name but I really loved the color! I still love the color and it's so beautiful and creamy and definitely moisturizer my lips amazingly! The only downfall for me was that a little after you put it on it feels like you're being stung by a thousand bees, but it does make your lips HUGE!

Perfect for me!

I live how this moisturizer makes my skin soft but at the same time you can feel it working on your acne at the same time! I've been using this for probably about two years and I will never use another!

Gets pimples away!

I love how amazingly this reduces my zits, the only downside is that I have to clump a lot on for it to work so I have a huge white patch wherever when I do it.

Hate the formula love the brush

Te formula is really goody and gets everywhere but your eyelashes really do look amazing after you manage to dry out the product a but so you can blink without getting mascara everywhere

Hard to use but worth it

I absolutely love this foundation but when I first for it I hated it. You really have to work with it to blend it in but once you do it looks so amazing! It has about medium coverage for me and I apply with my fingers and blend in with a round top kabuki brush. I use it for an everyday foundation because it really does look or feel like you are wearing any foundation!


I have been using this bronzer for a few months and I absolutely love it! I got the sample size to start off with but I loved it so much I bought the full size and having been using it ever since.

Really pretty

The color is gorgeous but when I first put it on it felt like I had gotten stung by some bees, my lips even went numb. It did make my lips look more full however, and does exactly what it promises so in all it's a great product.