Beauty Product Reviews

I <3's it!!

I really love this product! It hasn't got much hype about it but trust me it's probably my favourite lip balm, it's only about £2.50 from superdrug or boots or even tesco if you are in the UK, it is also called 'Hydro Care' in the UK but in the US it is called 'A Kiss Of Moisture' so just incase your wanting to buy it they do have slightly different names, I not sure where you can get it from in the US but I'm sure you could get it from Walmart or Target or any places like that. This product is seriously like rubbing butter on your lips, yes, I can tell where your coming from when you say it sounds a bit gross but seriously it's just so moisturising and you can feel the water working in your lips. Also another great thing is the amount of product that you get, it will last you at the very least about six months but it could also last you up to a year. I also love the packaging, I don't know why but something about the packaging just draws me to this product. Another plus is that it smells great and when you put it on your lips you can kinda taste the smell if you get me? So overall this is an AMAZING! lipbalm and it's super cheap and affordable I <3's it!!

Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

I bought this product from lush a couple of weeks back and I have had it long enough to review it so I thought why not review this item on beautylish so I have decided to review it. So this soap is really nice I wouldn't say it was a really so much cleansing soap but it's more moisturising my favourite way to apply it is by rubbing the product onto a sponge and then applying it all over my body and then applying my regular shower gel over the top, the scent is very nice and I use the same scent shower gel so I can get that allover body scent <3 this!!

Maybelline Eye Studio 24 Hour Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow = my new best friend!

I <3 this product. I am from the UK so the shades have different names over here it is called on and on bronze so not too different but I thought I'd just let you guys know. Anyways lets get on to the review I really did love this product and they only recently came out in the UK so with all the hype online in the US I was really excited on trying these products because I had heard great things about them, they retail for £4.99 in boots and superdrug here in the UK so quite cheap for and eyeshadow. I really like the shade I picked as it just a natural colour to wear on your eyes for the summer, you can wear it alone or as a base and the colour is very buildable, it doesn't crease at all! My personal favourite way to apply it is by taking an ecotools eyeshadow brush and loading it up onto the brush and then patting it onto my eye, but as I have been using this method I have found that I have been using a little too much on the brush so with this product you only need a little because it goes a LONG way. I also think this eyeshadow would be great as an eyeliner with maybe one of the other colours underneath, I do also have tenacious teal which in the UK is called turquoise forever, and I think that would make a great liner more then anything else but I do think it would maybe do okay for a light wash of colour on the lids if you blend it out a little. But overall I'd say these were a great product and they don't crease, a dream to apply and they also remove really easily with a plain ordinary makeup wipe I love these and I definately think that they were worth the hype