A Kiss of Moisture Hydrating Lip Care SPF 4

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Amelia M.
Pretty amazing!

This lip balm was amazing! It left my lips looking amazing! I have gone threw at least 2 of these and I might just keep getting them. I have a huge obsession with lip balm!

Heather I.

My second favorite Nivea lip balm. Ultras moisturizing and long lasting. It also doesn't gunk up on your lips like other brands can. And the larger tube makes it easier to find in my purse lol.

Jessica  T.

Very moisturizing, but not the best if you have severely cracked lips. I love how you can actually feel it on your lips, unlike EOS chapsticks which feel like nothing. Would recommend to everyone though!

xo Ella Mae A.
I <3's it!!

I really love this product! It hasn't got much hype about it but trust me it's probably my favourite lip balm, it's only about £2.50 from superdrug or boots or even tesco if you are in the UK, it is also called 'Hydro Care' in the UK but in the US it is called 'A Kiss Of Moisture' so just incase your wanting to buy it they do have slightly different names, I not sure where you can get it from in the US but I'm sure you could get it from Walmart or Target or any places like that. This product is seriously like rubbing butter on your lips, yes, I can tell where your coming from when you say it sounds a bit gross but seriously it's just so moisturising and you can feel the water working in your lips. Also another great thing is the amount of product that you get, it will last you at the very least about six months but it could also last you up to a year. I also love the packaging, I don't know why but something about the packaging just draws me to this product. Another plus is that it smells great and when you put it on your lips you can kinda taste the smell if you get me? So overall this is an AMAZING! lipbalm and it's super cheap and affordable I <3's it!!

Stefani J.

I got this lip balm a few months ago, during the winter when my lips get really dry and sensitive. It just didn't seem to work for me. I'm not too sure if the product got absorbed way too fast or it didn't get absorbed at all (and I somehow managed to wipe it off), but you have to apply it at least 15 times a day if you want that smooth feeling to last all day. This, of course, means that you'll probably need to buy a new lip balm in no time. Also, the smell and taste was kind of soap-y.

Julia P.
Too Thin

If your lips really need help, this product won't do it. I don't recommend this for anyone in the winter! In the summer though I don't mind using this because it is incredibly soft and refreshing, it feels almost watery when you put it on. It smells nice and the packaging and price are convenient. I love nivea products as I grew up using them but my lips need more TLC than this product offers.

Arielle Z.

A few years ago a ton of girls in my school were obsessed with this, so I decided to try it out. I wasn't impressed, it barely did anything to fix my dry winter lips, even after reapplying 10,000,000,000 times. It felt really light and slippery and just sat there on the surface. Waste of money.

Kirin S.

I bought this product recently and I use it frequently as it does moisturize lips very well, but after about ten minutes it dries out my lips REALLY bad. So it temporarily works, but then does the complete opposite of what it's designed to do.

I give it two stars- I would not recommend it.