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Perfection in a bottle...

I have used so many makeup removers and hated all of them, they were either so oily and greasy and left a film over my eye area or didn't take off my makeup at all or worst off all stung my eyes and left them burning and dry. Then I tried this miracle cream and fell in love, its a lotion consistency and it removes all my eye makeup without hurting my eyes at all!! It's not oily at all and actually feels so nice against my delicate eye area. I won't use anything else :) Bonus its only like $4-5 a bottle and lasts forever.... Perfection!

MAC you did good... I am reluctantly becoming a fan!

So I bought this along with my new MAC F&B foundation cause I was not happy with my YSL Touche Eclat pen (I think I got the wrong color cause it looks weird on me, not like my first one) so anyways I needed a highlighter and ended up buying the Radiant Rose. Careful, ladies cause this is super pigmented and a very little of it will get you radiant as can be! The color blends in nice and gives me a nice glow.. I like to use it on my cheekbones and above my eyes and down my nose and it looks beautiful. Lastly its even more perfect for me because it doesn't have glitter to shimmer to it which I don't really care for. I suggest you go try it out, see what color suits you and if you like it I recommend getting it, it's definitely worth it. Perfect for summer <3 hugs xx

It's well....uhm ok

First, I said, "what? a hairspray that smells like apple blossom?" ... yum right? nope not really, i didn't care for this weird, not smelling like apple smell, it was not what I expected at all so maybe the smell will grow on me, I don't know but either way once my trial size is gone I probably won't re-purchase just cause there are so many more to try! Good holding power though and can help create volume if you tease your hair but it didn't give me volume that i noticed anyway. Price was ok, $3 for small travel size which is nice for my purse and the packaging is cute which is why overall I give it a strong 3/5.

No Freakin' Way - Can this be true?

First off, shout out to Samantha you have done good for the beauty lovers out there who need and deserve good quality products at reasonable prices and not be ripped off or go broke paying for a name! I love these brushes, especially the foundation buffer brush, its soft, well built, does NOT shed at all, applies foundation like a $80 brush while not killing my precious and very small bank account!! <3 Thank you Sam for keepin it real and making a great product available to everyone. Go get them now beauties!! <3 hugs xx

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Sheer but buildable radiance!

I was so, so, so skeptical to purchase this. I have a bad history of break outs and very sensitive skin and from things I have heard MAC seems to break out a lot of people... but I was looking for a sheer foundation with great reviews and this kept coming up.. and I really have always loved MAC but from a distance so I got the courage to get my butt to Macy's and spent the $30 something on what was to become my new summer love <3 And it has, I truly love everything about this, you can wear it super sheer or builds up so easily for more coverage. Its radiant and dewy but not oily, its water based (which I prefer) but stays put and it looks great in photos. What else can I say but i'm in love and getting the courage to go back for more! :)

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