Face And Body Foundation


Jamie D.
Sheer but buildable radiance!

I was so, so, so skeptical to purchase this. I have a bad history of break outs and very sensitive skin and from things I have heard MAC seems to break out a lot of people... but I was looking for a sheer foundation with great reviews and this kept coming up.. and I really have always loved MAC but from a distance so I got the courage to get my butt to Macy's and spent the $30 something on what was to become my new summer love <3 And it has, I truly love everything about this, you can wear it super sheer or builds up so easily for more coverage. Its radiant and dewy but not oily, its water based (which I prefer) but stays put and it looks great in photos. What else can I say but i'm in love and getting the courage to go back for more! :)