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  • We Love This Understated Look by Billy B.

    We Love This Understated Look by Billy B.

    We got the scoop on what inspired Billy B. to create this subdued, natural look on country singer Maggie Sajak for her new music video.

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  • An Abs Challenge As Easy as ABC and 1-2-3

    An Abs Challenge As Easy as ABC and 1-2-3

    This simple routine is inspired by back-to-basics lessons you learn in grade school, but don't be fooled. It'll challenge your core from front to back!

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  • Online Beauty Lingo for Beginners

    Online Beauty Lingo for Beginners

    When you first start playing with beauty products, there are terms people say online that you might not know yet. Don’t worry, Beauties, we'll help you learn to follow a makeup tutorial with ease. Keep reading for definitions of those seemingly foreign words and abbreviations!

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  • Decoding Hair Removal Techniques

    Decoding Hair Removal Techniques

    Having a hard time deciding the best way to remove those pesky hairs? From shaving to threading, check out this rundown of the best hair removal techniques!

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  • Good Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath
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    Good Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

    Halitosis (the technical term for bad breath) can ruin a first date as quickly as that plate of garlic fries. Beautylish lists the best tips, tricks, and products to keep your breath as fresh and kissable as possible.

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  • Get Gorgeous Hat Hair

    Get Gorgeous Hat Hair

    Hats are the chicest way to cover up a bad hair day, but they’re also fun to incorporate into your overall look. We show you three ways to style and maintain your locks for any haute headgear.

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  • Easy Beauty Fix-Its

    Easy Beauty Fix-Its

    There are some things in life that your mother may never have told you, but she should have. Like what necessities to keep in your handbag, and how to learn to walk in heels. Luckily, we've put together a list of must-know beauty (and life!) tips and practices.

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  • Stay Away From My Makeup!

    Stay Away From My Makeup!

    A harmless swipe, a simple flick—we all have those friends who think our makeup collections are open for business. We say “No way!” Here are some tips for protecting your stash from unwanted fingers while keeping your friendships alive.

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  • What's Your Lipstick Personality?

    What's Your Lipstick Personality?

    They say you can tell a lot about a woman from the hue of her lipstick, but does the shape of the bullet after a few uses speak louder than the color? Browse these sculpted lipsticks and see if your pout prediction is true.

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  • Fast Fix Makeup Tricks
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    Fast Fix Makeup Tricks

    Applying too much bronzer or smudging mascara across your perfect eye shadow doesn’t mean you have to take off your whole face and start over. There are plenty of tricks to save yourself from makeup boo boos. Keep reading for tips on how to solve those makeup mishaps.

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