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This is the only liquid mascara I have ever used and I already know that there is something else better out there. It is very watery but it dries quickly..which is good if you are done applying it, bad if you aren't. If you aren't fast, you will have to re-dip. I always seem to mess up when applying this liner. I just can't get one small straight line without holding it a certain way. As you can see, you don't get much product at all. However, it doesn't smear. Once it's there, it's there until you wipe it off. I'm looking for something better.


I love this perfume!! I got free samples of it around Christmas time and next thing I knew it was on my Christmas list! It smells really sexy, it stays on ALL DAY LONG and a little goes a very long way. Prepare for endless compliments wearing it!

I can see why people say it has an "old person" smell. This fragrance is very mature. I'm 22 but I work with women and men over the age of 35 and they LOVE it. My boyfriend and my friends, not so much. I personally don't think this is a fragrance that you wear everyday. On a nice date or occasionally the office, yes. But just casual outings, no.


I bought this product because my skin is very oily and the foundation I was using (NAKED Skin) did not control it. My face would look like I had been sweating after 4 hours. It did not work for that foundation but it works beautifully with my Revlon Colorstay. Not only does it control oil but it gives you the perfect matte look. You can clearly see a difference after using it. It's very light and I only have to apply it once a day. All it takes is one small layer and you are good to go!


Filling in my eyebrows is now a MUST thanks to Benefit. I use it to give my brows a little more definition and I couldn't be more happier. I would recommend using a full sized brush instead of the tiny ones they give you. It makes it so much easier to apply.


I bought this product because of the high reviews and the fact that I could no longer wear my NAKED foundation. I have extremely oily skin and the NAKED just made it looks worse. Also, it came off sooooo easy! If I touched my face to scratch it, the foundation would be all over my finger. THANK GOD FOR COLORSTAY!! This stuff is great for oily skin. No oil seeps through. I don't even need to apply a powder after (even though I still do). This foundation is true to its name, colorSTAY. Yesterday, I cried like a baby and there was only a TINY bit of makeup on the tissue. Also, it's so lightweight! I have fallen asleep with this on so many times (bad I know) and I wake up with no makeup on my pillow. To me, it's medium to high coverage, but you can build it up. One problem I do have is the shades. I'm in between two shades. If I mix them, it would be perfect but who really wants to go through all the trouble? In all, BUY THIS FOUNDATION!

Ehhh...I've had better

This concealer is just okay for me. It says it heavy duty, but trust me, it's not. My Urban Decay 24\7 pencil conceals better than this. I notice it works better for me when I put it on before my foundation.However, this does conceal my under eye circles better than the urban decay. Would I recommend this to anyone.....probably not.

I love it!

Baby Lips gets the job done great for me. The colors are cute and the flavors are yummy. The only con I have is that it doesn't stay on as long as other balms I've used. This is a must have in my bag!


I absolutely ADORE this mascara! I was introduced to it at Ulta (it was the mascara they were pushing to sell at the time). I grabbed the little trial bottle while I was in the checkout line and I can't WAIT to get the bigger one. It extends my lashes like crazy and gives them such volume. I give it 4 stars only because it does clump. Other than that, best mascara I've ever had.

I love it!

This is my favorite part of my daily routine! Some say it doesn't set makeup but it surely sets mine! I discovered this a few years ago while getting my makeup done for my prom and i've been hooked ever since. My makeup stays on all day when I use this and it takes away the cakey look that I sometimes get after applying foundation. It makes my face FLAWLESS! Its also refreshing for those hot summer days. I can't walk out of my house without using this product!

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