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I really want to try this. I have the serum which works great but I want something for my eyes. I'm going to the mall today and might get it


This is nothing short from amazing. I love love live this mascara and what it does for my eyelashes. It's worth the price. I had the small one and bought the big one

This is just a perfect blue toned true pink. It's beautiful. I'm very pale but it's not too much on my skin. It's very doable which is normally a problem for me

I love love love this color. I'm very fair skinned so it's very hard to find a good nude for me. I tried myth and it was a hot mess. I love this way way more!

I love this! It's a perf every day type of lipstick. I'm very fair and sometimes I can't pull off nudes so this is my perfect alternative. It's gorgeousness

I just got this and am very excited. I'm 16 but they say start early and since I got my first wrinkle I thought I should look for something to help my skin since I've been having to wear foundation a lot lately. I used to have perfect skin and I love how this feels on my skin.

I'm really pale NW13 and people say fair skinned women shouldn't bronze or countour but I use this and it works great for me. I don't look dirty at all because it's so blue toned not like all the orange toned bronzers

I loveeee the color match on this foundation I find that it's not cakey at all. I love the full coverage and how long it lasts but I like dewy finish and this is definitely matte so I don't wear it often

I have to and it looks AMAZING in photos. Like you have the best skin ever tough I personally find that the color doesn't match me well at all which is why I stopped using it and it is quite full coverage for me and I prefer the no makeup makeup look

I loved this at first but not so much anymore. It's hard to blend in. And it doesn't offer much coverage though I suppose it might be good for highlighting in some cases if u blend It right

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