Indira M.

It is a beautiful color to complement a heavy eye makeup, but it is also very dry so it is better to use some chapstick under the lipstick, to avoid your lips to look dry.

Rachel T.

This is my go to lipstick! I love all the MAC lipsticks, the smell, texture, and color is high quality. I own several of them. I would also recommend rubywoo for a great matte red, or rebel for a deep purple.

Melanie P.

I love love love this color. I'm very fair skinned so it's very hard to find a good nude for me. I tried myth and it was a hot mess. I love this way way more!

Aj A.

I love this shade but its drying my lips very bad. I used other matte mac lipstick but not like this one. Though, i always use lip balm under lipstick. I always ended up using lip gloss to cover the dryness. Other than that, it is a flattering color for heavy eye makeup.

Taylor T.
The perfect 'not to nudey' nude lipstick

With my super pale skin, its hard to find a good nude lip color without looking dead. Honey Love is just dark enough of a nude to give me that Mod look I am going for without making my lips disappear. When paired with the Honey Love lip liner, I can create a very plump yet nude look for nights out or for every day. Looks best with dramatic eyes.

Stephanie C.
i love this color!

If i HAD to wear 1 lipstick for the rest of my life, it would be this one. I use Honey Love on a daily basis. I wear it alone or with MAC's Naked Liner. I love the creamy texture and matte finish that it gives my lips!

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Lina K.

The thing about this, is that it's not really my colour, so I have to use only the tiniest amount, or else I'll get these lips that looks like they've been dipped in sement or something. However, I really like it as an everyday colour, but I wish that it would last longer. I use it with lip liner, but it doesn't really last for long, so I can't wear it on days where I don't get to fix up my make up all the time.

Poppy N.

Perfect pinky nude (blue toned to make your teeth look white), however, this matte cannot be left on it's own. I prefer to add a pink/clear lipgloss over the top xx

LeAndra D.
What else can I say???

I know these are a little pricey for lipstick. For me 15$ is a lot for a small product, However, I have very sensitive lips so this is one of the only lip sticks that is formulated to work with sensitve skin. I love it. I dont usually need a lot. its very buildable you can use a lot or as little as needed. I think everyone should at least own one.

Lauren C.
A bit drying, but a great pinky-nude shade!

This color oxides a bit weird, so reapplication is a must, but looks great when the eyes are the main star~ I'd recommend this color for medium to fair-medium girls, for sure.

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