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Jun 01, 2015

Brooke L.

Hi sweetheart. My sister is a hairdresser n can get it for $24. typically you can get nioxion at salons or Cosmo prof.

Hmm, I think that's a tough question. Personally, I suppose it's up to what you like to wear. I know that occasionally if your eyelids are more wrinkled or papery, shimmer may not look as good, but honestly I'm not a professional and I don't have experience with doing makeup on middle aged women. I'd recommend asking Alma or Jackie, as both of them are professionals and may be able to help you more than I can :) however, I do think that it's really up to you, and if you like it and think that it looks good I don't see any problem with it :)

Apr 02, 2014

Flor T.

The palette that you asked for in one of my threads Is called the Profusion Queen palette! :)

Kathy D.

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