Beauty Product Reviews

Perfect, easy to use concealer. It doesn't clump or smudge or give my face that cake look appearance. Best results to use after applying foundation than set with a light powder or highlighter. Use a concealer brush to blend into your skin tone. I would compare it with Nars concealer, only cheaper!

My go-to mascara. I have long curly eye lashes to begin with so I'm very happy that this mascara leaves no clumps in my lashes or wispy particles under my eyes. It enhances my eyelashes and does give it a fuller effect. I love the color as well..blackest black!

I've never been so in love with a hair product before!! My hair needs some extra TLC in the winter and all I do is wash with shampoo than use this product. It makes my hair shiny, soft, and healthy feeling. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with dry or damaged hair. The neutrogena hair mask is also worth the buy as well for a once/week treatment during the winter months!!

It takes my makeup off right away, however, if you use too much, your face will tend to feel greasy so it's best to use this product first than followup with a facial cleanser and than moisturizer.

You want a perfect complexion and be able to add a tint of blush and highlighter?? This is the best bb cream I've tried as well as the VIP Gold edition as well. I have more of a fair complexion, but this cream evens out my skin tone and leaves my face feeling soft. I love it and I'm hooked. You can buy it cheap off of amazon!

The perfect non greasy, non oily product for my dry skin especially in the winter!! It does not give your face a heavy feeling and it has SPF 30 which is perfect for the summer!! Great product to use all year around!!