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Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream


Mandi Y.

I've never been so in love with a hair product before!! My hair needs some extra TLC in the winter and all I do is wash with shampoo than use this product. It makes my hair shiny, soft, and healthy feeling. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with dry or damaged hair. The neutrogena hair mask is also worth the buy as well for a once/week treatment during the winter months!!

Dinah D.

This will leave your hair soft and silky and smelling good. You can definitely feel the difference before you put it in your hair and after. This is a must-buy.

Melissa S.
Great leave in Cream i love it!!!

I seriously repurchased this product like 6 times, i don't use gel in my hair. i have thick and dry hair and this product does the best at moisturizing it, giving it a good smell, and giving my hair a soft texture, i love it and i just ran out again and i cant wait to buy it again.!

Julie A.
Long straight normal texture; easily tangled

This product is amazing! The consistency of this product is thinner than most leave-in creams I've had. Many leave-in creams are too thick and seem to weigh down my hair but not this one, this product leaves my hair silky smooth, soft and very manageable. The best part about this product is that it protects the hair from UV rays, it's sunscreen for my hair. I use this before I leave the house to ensure that like my skin, my hair is protected from the sun. It also smells amazing.

Rose B.

This stuff worked pretty good for my hair. My hair is thick, long, and wavy/loosely curled. This conditioned and moisturized my hair. The smell is great and keeps my hair frizz free throughout the day.

Charnell C.
relaxed ladies, give it a try

I got this on clearance at Walgreen's. It does what it says. I usually apply it on my ends and I can feel the cream penetrate and soften the strands. For me, it doesn't impart shine and even though the bottle says you can use it everyday, trying to do so will leave hair very dull and coated.