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Don't be fooled by the swatches of this shade, its best to try it in store with good lighting. Its a lovely coral/pink shade that can be worn in the day time at best. It flatters most skin types (I have a medium brown/olive skin tone), and its stay on time is around 4-6 hours on me. For a cremesheen I was expecting it to be ultra smooth on application (this is because my other cremesheen called "Cream in Your Coffee" is very smooth) but I found it to pull a bit, so I need to apply some of my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protector cream first and then blot, and then apply this shade. One application is enough as it has great coverage. The smell, like all MAC lipsticks is amazing! And I get so many compliments when I wear it. I would definitely get another one when this one runs out :-)


MAC never fails and this is so true for their lipsticks! After passing this colour up for the longest time, I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase it. I wanted something strong, dynamic, bright, but still appropriate to my medium/brown/olive skin tone. Russian Red is a fantastic buy! It is a matte that goes on very well, does not dry at all and having put it on this morning at 6:00am, its now 12 noon and its still on, regardless of many glasses of water and tea :) I have had so many compliments for it, it lifts your smile even more and just wearing it makes you feel so pretty and sexy! I am so happy about this shade and just sad it took me so long to plunge into the 'reds' . Go buy it today!! Well worth the investment!!

Gorgeous Colour, Great Feel!

I was determined to get some MAC lipsticks for the weekend, and after much searching found two that I adore. Taupe is the first one (Creme in Your Coffee is the other). This colour is super rich, very intense brown/brick/red shade and is ideal for my skin colour! The texture is great too. It applies smoothly and evenly and does not leave your lips feeling dry and hard. The vanilla scent is also amazing! So chuffed with this lipstick, I could not wait to get home and wipe off the crap I was wearing and replace it with this!! Best one ever and well worth the price!!! :)

Go to colour

The MAC artist who did a make over on me used a MAC lip-liner to outline and shade in my lips, then added a touch of this "Lovechild" lipglass. Gorgeous!! I bought it, and its my favourite go-to colour for day, or night. The only downside is that it doesn't last as long as I would like it to, and it is a bit too sticky for me. However on the plus side its super smooth and nourishing and you only need to apply a very little. It works well both over a lipstick or on its own.


I swear by this stuff... Bible!! It is the BEST, flawless, stay-put, never-fade, never-fail foundation! For years I have been trying to get the right colour/consistency for my skin, and only recently found this one thanks for a MAC make up artist. She applied it to my skin and I had to stare in the mirror to try and find it.... and i still could not see it! And the rest is history. It works brilliantly with a primer, and when mixed with MAC Strobe Cream, leaves the most sheer, just glowy look. I will NEVER be without this product. Very expensive, but an absolute investment and a little goes a long way. Thanks MAC!!!

Trial and Error

I was at my local MAC store yesterday to top up on some new eyeshadows and remembered to include the Strobe Cream in my purchase, only because the reviews have been so good. But I am on the fence about this product now that I have bought it. Apart from it being SO costly (!), I just can't seem to find the best way to use this product. Mixed with my Studio FX Foundation is does nothing but disappear, added below my foundation, you can't see it, and when patted lightly just over the foundation, it makes my blush and setting powder appear cake-like :( So at a loss over the product really, but will spend some more time testing out its usages.


I swear by this product! I loved it the moment I used it. It goes on so easily, does not cake or dry out, lasts for 8 - 10 hours and only really comes off when you use make up remover or make up wipes. It lasts for ages and for such a small pot as well!! I have had mine for 4 months now and have not even reached the bottom of it yet :) Quite costly, so pick a good colour when you do purchase.

Best buy!

MAC has the best power blush products on the market by far. There is very little fall out, pigmentation is intense which means you use very little, there is just enough shimmer in this shade to blend well into a mineralised powder as well. It looks so natural on the skin and is a blush that works well both for day and night time wear. It is my go-to product to finish off a look!

For years i have tired to find a concealer that would work for me. I have very dark under eye circles and uneven skin tone. At a recent MAC workshop the make up artist used this on my skin over the Studio FX foundation and i watched my dark cirlces disappear!!! I was so amazed by the product, i bought a pot the next day and have neverlooked back. It is the best product for my skin. The trick is to get it a bit warm before applying as it can be a bit cakey and u need to be careful when blending it. Use a very small concealer brush and dab with your little finger to set it well. Dont rub it or you will have such a mess. Best to set it with some powder to stop it from running or smudging. Full proof, it works in the hottest of climates. I should know! Here its currently summer in south africa and this MAC product works very well :-)

All MAC eyeshadows are incredible! They last longer than eight hours in fact, and the pigmentation is amazing! A little goes a long way. My favourites at the moment are All That Glitters, Swiss Chocolate, Coppering and Nocturnelle. They are awfully expensive but well worth it!

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