Beauty Product Reviews

I love it but hate the tube.

I will admit I typically don’t go for American sunscreens, mainly cause the EU ones are far better in terms of ingredients and I’ve had little luck with the ones here. Also I skip Zinc Oxide sunscreens since they typically are comedogenic (on my skin). I love Sunday Riley and her line has been good to me for many years (Aside from Tidal which was discontinued). It has a slight pinky hue with does blend out but can look a bit pasty on my olive completion. The finish is lovely I must admit and it sits well as a base for makeup. Healthy radiance without it looking oily, nor does accentuate any of my lines or dry patches. Not a holy grail I’d say, and the bottle is terrible. The texture of the sunscreen is very light and runny, with a very lightly tacky texture once blended. But the cap is a mess and considering most of her products have a pump, why was this excluded? It makes a mess if you pour too much out and since it stands on its cap, it’s a learning curve to try and open it upside down and being extra careful. Would I recommend? Yes, I’ve used it every day till it died on me (4.5 weeks on face and neck daily) and I’ve not broken out or caused problems. but Miss Sunday needs to put this in a different package that’s not so cheap.

It’s Good

I’m writing this review since I don’t see any reviews on this product and have been hesitant to buy it since there are such little reviews. Purchased it from a different retailer but here are my thoughts. I have pretty severe scalp psoriasis. My scalp gets so dry that it will bleed if I scratch (eww, I know). I have tried everything, Drunk Elephant, Inkey, down to O.T.C. steroid topicals but unfortunately they offer temporary results. Ive used Luna 2/3 times a week for the last 5 years and it’s a godsend for my face Psoriasis. I decided to try it on my scalp and have seen great results from it, so I decided to bite the bullet and spend the money to try this out. It’s the best one out there (for my scalp) when it comes down to what I want it to do; reduce redness and irritation, hydrate, remove skin buildup and get rid of flakes. I leave it for about 20 mins and my scalp feels normal. Most tingle my scalp (which I love) but that’s usually due to menthol (which I don’t love). I love the smell of this and how well it glides on my scalp without it grabbing to my hair. With that being said, I wasn’t wowed, nor impressed. Ill continue to use this cause I do love it, but I feel the same as I feel about ceramic slip cleanser, it’s nice but I just wash it off and there’s cheaper alternatives that do the same, but maybe don’t make my skin feel quite as nice. But for the price tag, I’ll skip this one and go for the cheaper ones.

Nothing else is like them.

80 dollars is quite a bit for a quad and it is alot of money. You can easily dupe these colors but you can't dupe the formula. Few eyeshadow blend as well and last on the eye like these. The level of elegance that is polished on the eye is unmatched. Sophistication at its prime when dabbing your finger into the glitter shades, an exquisite unique mature sparkle that bumps to any look. If you have the money, you will never regret it. Out of the thousands of eyeshadow that I have, I use these to the pan. It took me 2 years to hit pan using them about twice a week. Outstanding

Exceptionally fashioned

I only have one gripe about this product. Not enough of highlight and more than enough contour. This product creates the most exceptional contour. Perfect undertone to create that super model look. The highlight is very light but it's that kind of highlight that give a true dewy look. No other highlights out there like this. Not your "instagram" highlighter. Also it claims it's universal :/. Un uhn... a bit too ashy of a highlight for dark skin. But overall great product. Worth the splurge

Differently addictive

Always have been a fan of Tom Ford's products, himself and his fashion. This is my signature perfume. The first time I took a wife of this cologne I could not decide if it was good or bad. All I knew is that I could not stop smelling it. I get alot of the same reactions to this scent but it's never negative. 1 spray and you are good to go for a good day, this as do most of his fragrances perform like champs

i should have purchased more

my favorite brush of all time is the Suqqu cheek brush, but considering how expensive it is I am fortunate enough to have only one in my collection. The only brush I know that comes to similar shape and size is the chikuhodo cheek/highlight brush from the z-series. But even that brush comes to a hefty price tag. It's Grey Squirrel so i expect nothing less. Although this brush is not as soft (its still fuc**** soft) its the closest thing I have come across to mimic the same finish the Suqqu brush offers and its at 1/4 the price. My only regret is not purchasing more.

Not for the instagram swatchers

Many people now a days associate pigmentation to be the main attribute to a good shadow. Anything that dosent swatch well with a finger is obsolete. These shadows are, in terms for pigmentation purposes (for lack of a better word) dull. Not impressive. But how these shadows blend and apply is a whole different story. This formula allows you to build the shadow gradually, allowing you to have a better blended and a "smokier" outcome. It's a hefty price, but I keep these in my pro-kit as they are fool proof.

it's good. Thats it..

For one, I dont have a mature face, nor do I have dry skin. But...... This is a pretty greatly (overly) appreciated cream. This is by far the best cream (for an under makeup base) that I have ever used. Foundation looks wonderful over the top and it applies fabulously. For oily skins..... too rich. Not the best cream or a "miracle". The scent is not strong at all, its actually quite conforting; constidering im a guy and Im really picky about grandma smells, but it might be a little too overpowering to someone who consistently uses Clinique (a fragrance free brand.) Makes a fantastic present tho.

Brush #1 is still a let down.

I got the original collection as a present last year for Christmas. I fell in love (and a little aroused to be honest). Every single brush was fantastic and blended out (contours, eyeshadows, creams) you name it, these brushes worked with product like the product and the brush were part of a duo. All except brush N.1. I was surprised at how tiny the brush was and its not like the brush worked product in like nothing else I'd ever seen. The finish was strokey and not airbrushed. Wasn't a fan and foundation application wasn't fun and takes for ever. With this second edition, i'm still speechless with all brushes except for N.1. I wanted to love it but as soon as i put it on the job it started shedding. It shed 6 hairs!!! Same thing is didn't even leave as good as a finish as other methods. I'm confident that this brush would be a lot better if it was synthetic fibers instead of natural hair.