Beauty Product Reviews

Best tint to ever touch my face!

My new obsession, I am blown away by this product. My products are a great mix of the super expensive to drugstore, but primers and foundations were my biggest splurge. Flawless skin for me ranks higher than all- hair, nails, etc. I was happy with my bare minerals for a while, but the application process was pretty lengthly and best saved for nights out. On my quest for a quick morning routine that would still produce a flawless look I came upon a sample for this Magic BB cream By Loreal. I confess, the liquid gray consistency confused me, bringing flashbacks of this skin adjusting foundation I tried that was just horrid. Alas, I put it on to see what would happen and ran out of the house (I was late for something, as usual) To my great surprise, when I glanced into a mirror over an hour later my skin looked phenomenal! Perfect, evenly blended, a great tan shade to match my body, no shine what so ever (I live in south Florida and this is hard to impossible to achieve even with powders). I couldn't believe a little bit of this gray liquid made my skin look like that, no powder, no coverup.. Nothing. Rest assured this was something I needed to buy ASAP, and of course the four drugstores I visit In a two day time period did not have this stocked. I was too antsy for this kind of wait and bought the Garnier BB cream to hold me over till I could order Loreals. For me, Garniers was GARBAGE! Horrid blending, uneven drying, colors not matching. I even swapped it for a darker shade with some kind of hope but was not satisfied at all. My excitement when damn Walgreens finally got Loreals Magic line was beyond. They were having a bogo sale, so I bought 3 of the BBs (2 mediums for me, 1 light for moms when I fly to NY for Christmas) and one tube of the light reflecting primer. Let me say, that light primer plus the bb cream is total perfection! Flawless all day, even while working out hard at the gym. I am so happy with this product, and thoroughly stocked for winter. I honestly can't wait to show this to my mom and aunt, because we all have spent thousands on creams, foundations and powders for our uneven, yet pimple free (dry) skintone. This is a ridiculous ramble but honestly five stars to Loreal for this miracle product!

Make your own liquid eyeliner? Love it!

I thought this idea was really neat, and was not disappointed when I got to try this product out. I use it with many of my shadows, but find that matte shadows produce the best exults for me over any shimmery/ sparkling shadows. I like a nice solid line when it comes to liquid liner, so a matte shadow with this nice thick felt applicator comes out amazing. I used to go crazy trying to find good colored liners and now this is all I use! Liquid liner is my top pick out of any liner, and being able to get that perfect shade of purple or green is fantastic. The water proof is another no fail, I live in Florida and this stuff did not smear or smudge in. The slightest - even after a swim! I would definitely recommend this product to any gal that wants to experiment with fun eyeliner colors. It's not had to use at all, and considering you probably have hundreds of eye shadows, now they can all be eyeliners too!

You know you found a good product when a random woman on the bus comments on how flawless your skin looks! The stuff is magic, I usually don't wear liquid foundation ( bare minerals kind of girl) but when I do, this stuff always goes on first. It makes your skin look virtually pore less and feels super silky to the touch. A bit on the pricey side, but a little goes a long way and one bottle lasts a decent time.

The little black four-shade palettes have amazing, super bendable colors with just the right amount of shimmer.

I became obsessed with Lancôme after my avid makeup enthusiast aunt gave me bags and bags of the free-with-purchase gifts they so lovingly hand out full of samples of all kinds. After a few months I have over 50 cases of different eye shadows plus tons of other makeup, I love the companies that do these gift bags :) Lancôme shadows are super silky with just the right amount of shimmer. The colors blend amazingly and you can layer it on from day to night. My favorite pallet is called sunset, a golden yellow, burnt orange, deep lilac and a light, soft pink. The colors look fabulous together, and make my green eyes pop!