Too Faced



Veronica Y.
Make your own liquid eyeliner? Love it!

I thought this idea was really neat, and was not disappointed when I got to try this product out. I use it with many of my shadows, but find that matte shadows produce the best exults for me over any shimmery/ sparkling shadows. I like a nice solid line when it comes to liquid liner, so a matte shadow with this nice thick felt applicator comes out amazing. I used to go crazy trying to find good colored liners and now this is all I use! Liquid liner is my top pick out of any liner, and being able to get that perfect shade of purple or green is fantastic. The water proof is another no fail, I live in Florida and this stuff did not smear or smudge in. The slightest - even after a swim! I would definitely recommend this product to any gal that wants to experiment with fun eyeliner colors. It's not had to use at all, and considering you probably have hundreds of eye shadows, now they can all be eyeliners too!

Dyana A.
Too Faced Cosmetics Liquif-Eye

Hello Beauty Junkies ! Just stepped away from set for a moment to blog about my new favorite item from Too Faced Cosmetics. As you know I am doing makeup and hair for a film called "A Maid's Room", starring the beautiful Paula Garces. I was fortunate enough to get a bunch of fantastic products from my good friends at Too Faced Cosmetics. So I'll be blogging about a product a day ( if I have enough time to escape the madness on set) and Paula and I have decided to also do "how to " videos to accompany the products so you'll get to see them in action and also learn helpful tips on how to use them!

Today's product is : Liquif-Eye Eye Shadow Transformer Eyeliner

How many times have you wished that you could line your eyes with your favorite eye shadow color and make it stay put? If you're like me, you've tried dipping your fine line brush in water and swirling it around in a cool metallic purple shadow only to find that it's just a hint of color and doesn't even resemble a liquid liner? Well Too Faced has you covered ! One dip with the built-in, felt tipped precision brush tip allows your prettiest powder shadow to become water-resistant, long-lasting eyeliner. This product is ahhhhhmazing ! A definite must see !

Gotta run back to set, stay tuned for tomorrow's product ..... until then, stay beautiful !

Melanie B.
pretty good medium, but not so attached

i used this for a while with some cake liner and it did a pretty nice job. however, i've done some swaps and gotten more mixing mediums that perform the same. but i still say it's a good product.

Meaghan W.
Great waterproofing, so versatile!

This product easily turns any of your eyeshadows into a gorgeous liquid eyeliner. The brush is a little thick, but with a steady hand you can draw great lines! The waterproofing is top-notch, my eyeliner didn't budge all day.

Corinne M.

This clear formula eyeliner allows you to transform any color eyeshadow into a waterproof liquid eyeliner that stays put all day! I had so much fun trying it with all my shadows. Long-lasting, easy, and so much fun!!!

Nicole  J.
Awesome !!!!

This eyeliner is awesome it stays on all day and u can have any color eyeliner if you have assorted eyeshadow!! Super easy super fun ... It's my new fav