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Contour,Highlight,Brighten,& Blush all in one.

Looking for a palette to give multiple looks without having to use 10 other blushes/bronzers/highlighters?


The first time I ever used this palette I fell in love. I can highlight subtly or shine bright like a diamond depending on what look I want that day.

I can even use Ambient Lighting Powder in Soft Light under my eyes for that wide eyed look OR it can be used over blush and bronzer to make them melt into one another for a PERFECTLY snatched Instagram face.

Ambient Lighting Powder in Filtered Light can be used for an all over bronzed effect.

Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Golden Bronze Light is darker than it appears, but perfect to sculpt those cheek bones like a Kardashian in a flash.

Ambient Lighting Blush in Nude Glow & Mood Flush are both beautiful alone or mixed together to create the most beautiful shade of apricot.

This palette is great for anyone just starting out or for someone who simply wants everything in one.

I paired this with the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick, and I look like a walking filter.

Great for detail and hooded eyes

I love this brush! The quality is amazing, and the bristles are great. I love using this as an outer v brush, and it is the perfect size for the crease if you have hooded eyes and are trying to get a tight fit. Blends shadow perfectly.

Take all my money

This pencil with everyday use I can get 3 months out of. It's waterproof, and clump free. I love brows period and anytime I want to try a new technique this pencil never lets me down. I can make hair like strokes as well as big full brows. I can sweat, run, and even swim and I know my brows will still in place with this pencil. I use the 24 hour brow setter as my top coat to create texture in my brows.

I have tried many other brand, but I always come back to this pencil. I also have found this pencil not to be creamy which for me is a plus to make my brows appear more natural when filled in.

The Best!

If you love eyeliner and use it daily this is the best thing to happen to your eyes. There are so many colors to choose from. I love "Lionfish" it has gold flex in it and it brightens my brown eyes.

I love using this liner to tight-line my eyes. This liner dries quickly but within the first few minutes of application you are able to smudge it as the title states. I will take a angled brush to smudge out my liner or to create a smoky wing. This liner never runs or bleeds, and It stays put. Worth the buy!

Smells delicious

If you are a person who likes gloss, but also likes a gloss that eventually it fades and vanishes in to thin air this is for you.I mean this in a good way. When I want a quick flush of color, but don't have access to a mirror for frequent touchups this is a great product for that.

It feels good, isn't overly sticky, and smells like a peachy dream come true!

I own several colors, but "Papa Don't Peach" is by far my favorite. It matches everything. I even love these on top of my liquid lips for a pop of color. Which when worn this way has more staying power.

My only pore primer

I was a big fan of Benefit's Porefessional for years. I still like that product, but this has replaced it for me. There is a price point difference however, the product is much thicker and I find requires significantly less to be used.

When using a pore primer I prefer to only use it in my T-Zone as this is the area that becomes shiny first and where I notice my pores.

I use the smallest pea size amount and i can do my entire T-zone with that much product. It lasts through the day and keep me shine free, and pore free.

Great mask

This product is great for someone who has large pores. It helps clean the pore area by removing excess sebum, and dirt. It will tighten the pores after just on use, but it doesn't dry out my already dry skin.

This mask also dries quickly once applied, and a little bit goes a long way.

If I could only have one product..

I won't lie the first time I tried this product I did not understand how to use it or what it was for. Now, that I have had it for a few months I can honestly say what an amazing product it is. Even, when I do a "No Makeup-Makeup" look this is a staple. I will apply this for a fresh, wide eyed look. It's an eye cream and primer in one with an instant noticeable brightening effect.

I use this first, then the Becca under eye brightener followed by a concealer. This product lasts a while. I don't need much to prime my under eye area before applying any concealer or correctors. I've gotten my mom, sister, and best friend hooked on this.

This product should win a Oscar!

This product requires very little product to be used at a single time. If you have deep, dark, circles look no further! I start by using my Becca Anti Fatigue Under eye primer. Then, I use this product and I layer it was a concealer. This is not a concealer it is a corrector. It will correct the underlying tone you are trying to neutralize before putting on a concealer.

If you feel like no matter what concealer you use you still see a shadow or a dark cast and no matter how heavy the concealer is you still aren't happy with how the under eye area looks then this product is for you.

If you happen to have a blemish that leaves a dark mark that you can't cover. You would start by applying this product and then your concealer so you can correct that dark unwanted tone. This has been my go to for years.

Best Clear Brow Gel!

For anyone who has thick stubborn brows and you need them to stay in place, or simply change the direction of your brows this is like hair gel for the brows but without the stiff feeling like some other brands I have tried.

What I think really sets this brow gel apart from others is the spoolie. It isn't your typical mascara spoolie. It has a row of teeth that hook onto the hairs individually. Upon doing so you have more control of each single brow hair. If I apply in the morning by the evening my brows are still in place no matter the circumstance.

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