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Under Eye Brightening Corrector


Christina S.
Love it

I use this to brighten up under eyes on myself and my clients. It also makes for greta highlighting. It's one color, but works for all skintones. I personally use it UNDER concealer for my darker clients and on top for my fair clients. It brightens without looking overdone and looks beautiful in photos.

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Dinah G.
A noticeable glow

I had heard so many mixed reviews about using this product on olive tan skin because the reviews stated it was too light for under the eyes. I will agree in saying that this is brightener can be too light if you apply too much. The key is to work with a little bit of product and build it up to the desired coverage and glow. I apply a very little bit with a fluffy blending brush (Morphe E23) and I lightly begin to apply and buff into the under eye skin area. Immediately you can tell that dark circles are covered and there is a beautiful, visible glow or brightening affect under the eyes. The key is to blend everything out so that there is no harsh lines. I really love how creamy this product is as well. Great product.

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Aleisha S.
Pure Perfection!!

I needed something to aid with my very dark under eye area and this was just what I was looking for!! Could be used as a highlighter but just on its own I found it brightening and concealing for my under eyes. I personally use my fingers to apply, the warmth and motions seem to make it blend more suitably rather than using a brush a brush. Very satisfied and would very much recommend!!

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Sara A.
Love love love

I have very dark circles and this is magic in a pot. It's thick and u only need a tiny amount and then apply a little of concealer on top and set it with a translucent powder and you are ready to go!

I can't live without it in my freelance makeup kit and it suits any skin tone for sure ! 👌🏻

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Grace Q.

1 word.. MAGIC!!! No creases if set with powder as soon as applied and dark circle FREE!! Definitely recommended if concealer doesn't do the trick this is a under eye corrector that works FABULOUSLY!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

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Kim B.
Fantastic. Amazing. Can't live without it now.
Photo of product included with review by Kim B.

I have tried several under eye brighteners. Benefit's works great. This one - from Becca (like all other Becca products) - is SUPERB. I use a foundation brush to pat it in the triangle area under my eyes to the top of my cheekbones. Start light and build as needed. The texture is great. I am 47 and it doesn't crease or dry out. I LOVE THIS if you can't tell.

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Jessica D.
Love the skin primer, now love this corrector.

I have medium-light skin and pretty nice under eye circles. This stuff is pretty awesome at covering my under eye circles and not giving my the reverse racoon eye that looks fake and quite frankly, terrible on those of us who suffer from under eye circles. Some say this is too light for medium skins, but I disagree. I use this under my regular concealer to brighten the skin under my eyes. I put down a layer with my ring finger, pat blend it in, and then step back and take a look. In most instances, I don't need more than one well-blended coat under my concealer to magically conceal my dark circles. I do set this stuff with a little powder, which helps to lock it all in place.

I love it!

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Alicia C.
Love, best undereye helper!

I had hesitated about buying this because I do have very warm (basically yellow/can appear sallow) undertones, and if I'm tan then some brighteners/concelears leave me with a casper type tint. I absolutely adore this, it is bright,but it perfectly counteracts my hereditary dark circles. I put my regular foundation/concealer on top to tone it down, but in summer I may leave as is for a glowier look. I legit love love love this!!! I just use my ring finger to dab,but I think it's definitely worth a try if you're on your 12th new concealer and just want your undereyes to look brighter. I have not noticed if the photographs oddly tho, fyi

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Brandi C.
It really works

I have tried so many color correctors to help with my hereditary dark circles. I came across this by accident, I purchased the concealer (which sucks by the way) and I was reading reviews on the best way to use it and everyone kept mentioning this, so I went and bought this hoping it would make the concealer work better and fell in love with it. I use it under the new KVD lock it concealer and it looks beautiful. The nars concealer would also pair well with it to get that full coverage effect.

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Sam B.
Love this!

This product is a "2-1"! It covers up dark circles and dark spots on your face. Apply before your foundation and after your primer. Covers perfectly!

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