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Under Eye Brightening Corrector


Ris G.
My absolute go to for dark circles!

I tried for years to cover the darkness under my eyes with concealer. Then I found this. It’s in my top 5 necessary beauty Products for SURE. You need just a tiny dab under each eye and it really does brighten and cause the darkness to disappear. I have very fair skin and use the light (pink) toned one and I bought another to keep in my purse for on the go touch ups. The under eye primer etc that Becca suggests as a 4 step, etc is unnecessary imo. You only need this. I put it on either alone or on top of concealer for maximum effect.

Zhuolin M.

Brightening effect is immediate and efficient, one dab is enough for one side of my undereye. Need to see how it works under foundations/concealers

Tiffanie W.
Perfect for fair skin

Use this daily. At first the consistency seems thick, but it works really well. What I like the best is how well it stays in place.

Victoria C.
Perfect coverage

Truly does brighten the under eye area. Less is more with this product. I dont recommend going in with a heavy hand..... it can become cakey and crease.

Nathalie W.
im not sure about this one...

I may have gotten the wrong shade for starters. but i feel like this actually causes more creasing when applying my regular concealer on top. I don't quite think this is necessary to cancel out dark circles in my opinion. the texture is a bit greasier than i had anticipated as well. disappointing :(

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Olga S.

Отличное средство! Прекрасно маскирует уставший взгляд или невыспавшиеся глазки. Начала пользоваться каждый день-.нравится идеальный взгляд. Советую:хорошо наносится,нужно разогреть пальцами чуть средства и легкими движениями похлопывания нанести. Слышала об этом средстве Becca и очень рада,что решила попробовать.

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Brie S.
This product should win a Oscar!

This product requires very little product to be used at a single time. If you have deep, dark, circles look no further! I start by using my Becca Anti Fatigue Under eye primer. Then, I use this product and I layer it was a concealer. This is not a concealer it is a corrector. It will correct the underlying tone you are trying to neutralize before putting on a concealer.

If you feel like no matter what concealer you use you still see a shadow or a dark cast and no matter how heavy the concealer is you still aren't happy with how the under eye area looks then this product is for you.

If you happen to have a blemish that leaves a dark mark that you can't cover. You would start by applying this product and then your concealer so you can correct that dark unwanted tone. This has been my go to for years.

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Patti S.

I received a small free sample and was immediately hooked. Have bought more already. Covers dark circles and adds a highlight. Must have!

Kim B.
Fantastic. Amazing. Can't live without it now.
Photo of product included with review by Kim B.

I have tried several under eye brighteners. Benefit's works great. This one - from Becca (like all other Becca products) - is SUPERB. I use a foundation brush to pat it in the triangle area under my eyes to the top of my cheekbones. Start light and build as needed. The texture is great. I am 47 and it doesn't crease or dry out. I LOVE THIS if you can't tell.

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Gilda A.
Not for me

I have creases under my eyes so whenever i use a heavy concealer or powder it cakes up so fast. This one has to be used sparingly in order to avoid the creases and the cakiness. I wouldn’t purchase the full size of it by any means, but if someone is super fair and doesn’t struggle with severe darkness they can pull this off, but for me, even tho it does the job , and it definitely brightens, it’s too creamy/ oily, and also the lasting power isn’t very long. At the end of the work day my concealer has rubbed off around the nose area and it looks quite “patchy”.

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