Beauty Product Reviews

what a difference!

I was using a Trish McEvoy fan brush prior to this; and then I bought this...WOW, what a difference it makes in application. THIS BRUSH IS SUPERIOR, and yet priced better. It applies highlighters like a dream. stiff, but soft, and picks up pigment so well. Sonia G you're slowly taking all my money, and I'm not sad ;)


the greatest smallest brush you'll find. it does the job that others just can't do. gets eyeshadow so close the lash line. just what I was looking for.

so good, I bought two

I bought 03 Megeve and 04 Courchevel. Both are beautiful. I picked up eye shadows from this collection, one warm, one cool...and bought these to match the new eye looks I want to create. at first I thought the 04 would be too dark, but no! :) I am very fair with neutral/cool tones, and with a light hand, the colors are beautiful on the skin for a deeper cool look. These formulas are a dream and the packaging makes them portable and functional. RECOMMEND you get your hands on these while they are available.

love the cool tones

and as always, TF products blend beautifully and are easy to use for an amateur like me. Love this Neige cool toned taupe with the shimmer overlay paired with it. I'll use this all winter!

the packaging!

I waited for this to come out, was so excited...but sadly it just didn't perform. I loved the idea of a silver case to change it up with the gold ones...I honestly haven't even bought the original Confession colors, and I'm also not that into the gold cases either. but the concept of refills is great, so I waited for this, and thought what a great deal, and I will love the colors...sadly, no. The dark mulberry color was too much on me. and the packaging is terrible. so cheap looking/feeling. the Ghost themed cases for this collection are just bleh. Hourglass should know better when we pay for the LE series.

pretty good.

pretty great powder for everyday use. nice substitute for when I don't want to use one of my luxury items. would recommend for someone who is new to using powders and doesn't want to spend an obscene amount on their first powder product.

want to love...

I will still try to make something from this powder, but it's definitely not my has a white finish that is too much to does seem to settle in and appear better, but the immediate powder finish is off-putting, especially when I am in a hurry. I'd prefer a powder that doesn't need me to fuss over how I am using it.

Love this stuff

It has really helped me up my game in the eyeshadow realm. Love trying this out with all my wet/dry formulas. Would recommend! and a little seems to go a long way.

my first and I'm in love

This is my first Wayne Goss purchase. And WOW, I love this brush. INCREDIBLY soft, high quality...I will be scoping out this brand and Sophia G more in the future. Beautylish seems to have an incredible selection of brushes...beyond other places I have shopped. This is also my first purchase from Beautylish, and I can happily say I will be buying more from this company.