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Until you try it

Until you try it you won't believe the texture. This is like a gel. But its a powder. But almost like a shimmer cream OMG OMG OMG - honestly, OMG!

It just works

The texture of these are just what you would imagine. Fine. Flawless. Use it separately or just swish and pop. Combining highlighter, bronzer, and blusher. Use my fan brush, sweep and apply to the cheeks, forehand and bridge of the nose.


Stunning. Been in my kit of a long long time. Two shades, easy to blend together or use alone. Sometimes we think we need so many things, but these two suit all skin tones, giving the skin that glow that is oh so popular. But not an instagram glow!


Most people know that the blushers i carry are Charlotte Tilbury/ Alexis Vogel and Tom Ford. These are so good. They are newly formulated, giving the most beautiful subtle glow to the skin, without excess shimmer/glitter. This truly is a glow of a blusher. Wonderful.

Full Coverage

This is a great full coverage foundation. I think people will expect this to be really dewy. However its demi-matte in appearance. It offers a great deal of coverage and those with problematic skin will find this most helpful. For those with dry skin you will absolutely need to use a good moisturiser prior to application. One thing to mention if you use a heavy moisturiser like CT magic cream then expect this foundation to take on a more "dewy" appearance. Another winner from Charlotte x

I had a little Tear ...

So i had a little tear when i came to review this as i saw i was the first! As some of you might know, i love me some mineral foundations. Its always been my go to for mens skin and this is no exception. The coverage is light / medium but this formula doesn't make your pores SCREAM! No matter what technique i never need to prime before. Becca really does make amazing base makeup and this my friends, is another hit :)


This is the first "dewy" foundation i've ever used that didn't feel dewy on the skin. Most not only look dewy but feel it also, which can make setting them an issue. This however was completely different. It goes on very differently from most other liquid foundations i've tried and yet at the same time, appears radiant. Which i think is a better word. Its a radiant finish. No shimmer. No sparkle. Just skin. Normal, healthy light reflecting skin. Its truly beyond amazing. And i don't say that lightly...


Never before have i wanted to touch myself so uncontrollably as now. These blushers are heaven sent. They apply so easily over all types of foundation but the glow they leave behind its beyond. No additional highlighter required. No glitter. Just a true glow. I have all shades and none disappoint.


As some of you may know, this is my number one foundation of all time (liquid wise!). Its amazing. Its one of the few foundations that really does look just like skin. Its covers everything. Layers like a dream. Its perfection!

The best - and this for goes for the foundation as well!

Best. Let me rephrase - amazing. The best concealer i've ever used. Under eye dark circles or just covering a blemish. Its the best of the best - amazing!

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