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Amazing - but slightly buggy at times....

There is not doubt that these are amazing. Waterproof. Budge proof. 100% for that it deserves 5 stars. The only issue i have experienced is that clogging can be a little problematic from time to time... but otherwise if you're looking for a waterproof eyeshadow that really does last - go for it.


For me - this brush is perfect for Highlight/Contour and blush. Its the prefect size. It feels good in the hand and the control it gives is beyond. The feel is not the softest on the skin - and those that are used to Hakuhodo brushes will notice this most. But i've come to realise that sometimes stiffer is better (no pun!).

This does what it says on the tin. I love it.

Wait till you try this brush!

This is the perfect small eyeshadow brush. Its so small that it goes onto the lid perfectly. HOWEVER, what this brush really does is THE PERFECT LIP. I've never used a brush so perfect. The ultimate lip suddenly becomes simple. As anyone that knows me, or follows me or worked with me will know, i know my brushes! I LOVE THEM. But i've never come across a brush so perfect. Promise x

What a strange little brush!

I wasn't sure about this brush. Its strange. Its too long, too soft and your first thought is "this isn't gonna work for eyebrows". Then you use it for eye lining and for lining and connecting under the eye and saddening you're like "AMAZING". It connects the lower eyelid with the upper eyelid so beautifully.


To me, this brush is a blending brush for blending out crease colours. Yes it works great for all over eyeshadow colour and for contouring and highlighting but i like it best for blending out crease work. Works wonderfully.


When you have thousands of brushes at hand - its sometimes even harder to know just what to pick up! When i first saw this set i wasn't too sure that 13 brushes could really cut it! And where was the crease brush! You know, the standard MAC 224 thingy! No where to be seen! But i bought them anyway thinking - well its more brushes to my collection!

Then i played with them! Billy is right. 13 brushes is all you need. The foundation brush looks like every other foundation brush until you realise that you don't need to blend the brush strokes away! I've no idea why and i don't care all i know is that you can apply liquid foundation without leaving marks.

The brushes are so interchangeable that you can use the same brush for the lip and the eye then the face with just a little brush cleaner in-between. The firmness of the brushes and the bend allows for such great detailed work.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE brush number 4! Its your contouring, bronzing, blusher, powder brush. Its so small. The smallest brush I've seen for its purpose and yet it works so brilliantly. Its glides over the skin leaving the most beautiful application of blush.

Number 5 and 7 are perfect for eyes, lips and face.

And the lip brush. HELLO! Lidless. Load it up with lipstick pop it into your bag and you can touch up when you're out.

Its not the wheel reinvented - its fine tuning already standard makeup brushes and making them more beautiful. Making them easier to use.

$250 is a lot of money. But i would have paid doubled for this set. AMAZING.

UPDATE: Its now official. I have no used any other brushes since getting Billy B. These are AMAZING. Breakthaking. Exciting and truly the best brushes i've ever used - ever.


While i am less than impressed with the eyeshadows (can you say Kryolan) i love love love the blushes. Its great to be able to find a large shade range of blushes that are completely matte. The pigmentation is great, the colour payoff is great, loads of bright options for WOC and best of all - they smell nice. And i normally hate smelly makeup!

Me likey.

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