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Skin Veil


Jacqueline H.
Perfectly Respectable Foundation

I thought long and hard about writing this review, and I have to disagree with Wayne Goss on the overall impression and function of this foundation. This is a foundation that simply does not blow me away. If you are looking for a nice hydrating foundation that provides minimal to somewhat moderate coverage with a nice and soft glow, then this may be the foundation for you.

Considering the price tag.. $90 a bottle, I find the shade range to be minuscule, and if you are only using it as a sheer foundation, you probably wont have any issues; however,if you want to build this up, you do run the risk of needing to mix another Skin Veil Shade or foundation adjuster into it for a better match,and at $90 a bottle,that's an expensive issue that should be factored into using this foundation. Some find the texture of this foundation to be nice and creamy.... I find the texture to be sticky, and I found it very off putting.

Does it process like skin? Yes, Does it have good 'staying' power? Yes Are there already foundations on the market similar to this one? Yes Is it overpriced? In my opinion Yes. Is this foundation that I reach for when I want to produce a similar effect? No

If you are interested in purchasing this foundation, I highly suggest getting a sample of it before buying it, or you could just take Wayne Goss' word for it, because In the world of makeup artistry, I am no one, so I can totally understand why no one would listen to anything that I have to say.

This is a well loved foundation, and on some levels I can certainly understand why; however, for me, it just isn't a foundation that knocks my socks off.

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Wayne G.

As some of you may know, this is my number one foundation of all time (liquid wise!). Its amazing. Its one of the few foundations that really does look just like skin. Its covers everything. Layers like a dream. Its perfection!

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Kitty K. Moderator
Nice foundation but not too wowing.
Photo of product included with review by Kitty K.

This is a nice foundation, but not the best. It is a lovely hydrating foundation, which offers sheer to moderate coverage. This foundation offers enough coverage to hide faded acne marks, while doing it's job to even out the skin tone. If you have any moderate to severe skin discolorations or marks, I personally would not reach for this unless a concealer is used.

It does indeed process and appear like skin while having a nice glow to it. It looks very natural and is not heavy. I personally have not come across any issues with it being sticky... but I did wear it with a setting powder and a setting spray. I have to agree with Miss Jacqueline here. I feel that the price tag on this product is jumping the gun, and as someone who can read ingredients.. I disagree with Miss Daisy to some extent. You do have to invest to obtain skin safe ingredients especially for problematic skin, but I would not call this an investment for the skin. The price tag is a bit over the top. There are high end brands specifically formulated for problematic skin that are half the price tag, or less than half.

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Ruth A.
Not worth the money

Its not a bad foundation, but I find my Trish McEvoy foundation better and its only 60$. I thought this would wow me, but I rarely use it. Not worth 90$ at all.

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Sun L.
Hate that it's so expensive... but it is worth it... (continued)

IF you have been looking for a foundation that looks imperceptible, i.e., really and truly does look like your skin or better. I really, really hesitated for a long time purchasing this foundation. I had heard that reviews that it truly does not look like foundation, that it looks like skin, etc., but I was skeptical, because who wants to spend $90 for a bottle of foundation? It was looking at another video review by a company that I respect (Paula's Choice Beautypedia) that finally spurred me into action. Just some background: I have very good skin that is also very oily. Makeup dissolves within a few hours because of the excess of skin oils, and a good oil-absorbing primer buys me a few hours. Makeup targeted towards oily skin such as Hourglass Immaculate or Estee Lauder's Double Wear, I find too heavy and mask-y. My holy grail is something that evens me out, provides decent coverage, but looks like skin -- not asking for too much, am I? I am happy to report that Ellis Faas Skin Veil does all of the above; even my husband who rails against heavy, obvious foundation cannot tell if I'm wearing Skin Veil. It performs average on my oily skin, i.e., I get oily and shiny within a couple of hours, but I blot carefully with blotting paper and only experience minimal loss and wear around the nose area (the area where I notice foundation loss first). The wear time on this is actually pretty good, it averages about 7-8 hours on me (without a primer). It has a thick, gel-like texture and I would recommend that you apply it either with a brush for more coverage or you can sheer it out with a dampened BeautyBlender.

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Marilyn  t.
over rated

I got this foundation and koh gen do. Price wise this is definitely more expensive as both are 30ml. For budget friendly ones, go for bourjois healthy mix. Medium coverage as well!

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Teri A.

My favorite foundation for personal use has always been the original formula of Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau Invisible Skin Fusion foundation. The formula has been "improved" which is code for ruined, and luckily, I already knew Ellis Faas Skin Veil was a good dupe for the original formula. Skin Veil is imperceptible. Like, Guerlain's original Lingerie de Peau, it truly looks like a second skin. It doesn't pool into pores or emphasize fine lines and wrinkles. It wears very well for many hours. The reason I never chose it over my Guerlain was because it is a bit more drying and provides even less moisture. So if you are normal or dry, I advise you to make the most of your prep with a good moisture infusing serum. The coverage is light and if you have a breakout or dark circles you will have to use a separate concealing product to contend with it. It is worth the extra work to achieve the skin line finish of the product. So many products on the market now promise this kind of finish, but this one actually achieves it. If you want full coverage this is not your foundation.

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Tina Q.

I have very dry skin and as a rule would never wear liquid foundation. However I decided to take the plunge after hearing Wayne's recommendations, and I must say I agree 100%. A minimal dusting of Ellis Faas powder followed by minimal application of the foundation works wonders. I keep it to the T-Zone, feathered lightly outwards. I use concealer on the medial aspects of the eyes only, as I am very fair and am lucky enough not to have dark circles. I do not require any further setting powder, though I do wear a setting spray. I have mature dry skin. Normally this is not the type of foundation I would buy, but I was and continue to be very pleased with the result, especially as I don't have to wear layers or heavier foundation. It is light, and settles into a second skin within minutes, so that I am not aware I am wearing it. Expensive? Definitely. Worth it? Every penny!

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Rebecca X.
One of my favorites

I didn't purchase this online because I wasn't quite sure of the shade matches. I have a neutral undertone, and finding the right foundation can be very difficult, but I found that shade 2 really matched me (I tried it on in a store). The finish is absolutely beautiful, and I always get compliments and questions whenever I wear this, which almost NEVER happens with any other brand. I apply it with a BeautyBlender, and it has the most natural/beautiful/spectacular finish. I have combination skin, and this doesn't emphasize pores or make me appear oilier at the end of the day. It's really hard to find Ellis Fass products in the US these days, but I'm so happy Beautylish has it!

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Daisy B.
The best!!

I love this foundation and before I bought it I had heard great things about it. My hopes were high, and it didn't disappoint!! I know it is pricey, but I think it is an investment in your skin. I have combination skin, oily and dry patches. The foundation really feels like your skin, even with a good amount my skin still feels like I have nothing on it. It covers nicely and blends really easily. I love the way it feels and it really looks like I have nothing on. The price is so worth it and really you only need a little bit, trust me it will go a long way!

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