Beauty Product Reviews

I'm not a fan of Nicki, but this mac lipstick is hot!!!. I love pink and the color is perfect. This is a lipstick i may buy again if i run out. Overall it's a very nice shade.

This is a good leave in conditioner and it does what it suppose to do as far as curls and definition, but with heat styles like blow dryers and flat irons I recommend not to use it with those other than that this is a good product.

This is a good shampoo. It's very moisturizing and get's the job done. It doesn't leave my hair dried up at all. It's a shampoo i would buy again, but it's a lil pricey.

I love this leave in it's one of the best ones i use, but the only thing it doesn't mix to well with gels so i use oil with it. other than that I love this product and it does wonders for styling. It leaves my hair shiny and hydrated.

This hydrating mask is good, but it seems like it's missing something. Overall it gets the job done. This is not something im going to break my neck trying to buy again.

This oil is ok! I wouldn't say it's the best oil in the world, but it does a good job. I mostly use this oil after i wash my hair and it's very nice with styling and it does make the hair feel clean.

This is the best pruple lipstick I've ever seen and it looks good too. The only negative thing I was unaware of the reel lipstick collection coming out so i had to get it on ebay :(, but overall the lipstick his hot!!!!