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Intense Hydrating Mask


Kira L.

I have thick hair that gets knotty very easily, but this makes it sooo smooth. The first time I used this I went to brush my hair after and the brush glided right through it. Paired with the oil, it's the perfect combination to having smooth and healthy looking hair. Will definitely pick up some more of this :)

Christine S.
great hydrating mask

i have heard so much hype about this product that i thought i would try it out for myself. after washing my hair with my normal purology shampoo i applied and let sit throughout the rest of my shower. after i got out of the shower and combed through it already felt great. the smell is definitely like something you would smell at the salon but really not stron enough to stop using. i am so glad i purchsed this.

Brittinay F.
Fav Mask

This mask is great && i suggest putting it on while you are taking a hot shower after shampooing and then putting your hair up in a plastic hair cover thing. Let it sit for 30 min & your hair will come out super soft! This is a great product I suggest for dry or damaged hair.

Elle P.

This product is very expensive and is what has stopped me from repurchasing. It is extremely hydrating and perfect for dry/damaged hair as it makes the hair shiny, bouncy and healthy looking. When I look back at pictures when I did us this, it almost makes want to go but another jar but ughhh the price!

Luna V.

After hearing nothing but rave reviews for Moroccan Oil products, I decided to see for myself whether they lived up to the hype. I purchased this mask along with a moisturizing shampoo and a small vial of the original hair treatment to test out. Used together, they did absolute wonders for my dry, extremely processed hair.

This mask has a great consistency. It's thick and creamy with excellent slip to work through the hair. A half-dollar sized amount covered my shaggy pixie-length hair perfectly. I can't say I love the scent, which is very perfumey and "salon-fresh," but everyone else I've talked to likes it. After sitting 10-20 minutes, this rinses out like a dream and leaves my hair moist, bouncy, and refreshed. One jar lasted me about 3 months with twice-weekly use.

The BIGGEST drawback to this product was my skin. Argan oil is a known irritant to acne-prone skin, and after a month of using this product I noticed I developed painful acne cysts at my hairline and down my back (which I had never experienced before). Cutting the product out of my routine eliminated the problem. If not for this one setback, I would have said this mask was holy-grail material.

Hafsa I.
Good but not great

I like MoroccanOil products but I wouldn't say that this mask is as good. It does keep my hair hydrated but, mixing conditioner with honey and olive oil does a better job in my opinion!

Becky D.

I have long, course, thick, hair and it has had it share of bleaching, straightening . . . yeah the works. So needless to say, it needs hydration. I'm on my 3rd or 4th jar of this stuff and I really see and improvement in my hair. It's so much more soft and shiny than it was before I started using it. The only down side . . . the price. I used to use this twice a week, I have since cut back to once a week since my hair is in better shape. I would definetly recommend this product to anyone needing repair to damaged hair. Yes it's pricey, but it is worth it in the end. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because of the price. :(

Danielle J.

This hydrating mask is good, but it seems like it's missing something. Overall it gets the job done. This is not something im going to break my neck trying to buy again.

shandy e.

Given the popularity of the Moroccanoil products, I expected more from this hydrating hair mask. The key ingredient is argan oil, which is basis of the entire line. My hair is over processed, long, damaged and dry and it felt okay after using this product but it may be better suited fro normal or slightly dry hair. I give it a plus fro the wonderful scent (which is very similar to Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier) but a minus for the cost.

Lily J.

smells great but other than that its nothing special. did nothing to my hair that an ordinary conditioner hair was dry after color correction at the salon and my stylist recommended this to me and i gave in and i went through the entire product and there was no notable difference in my hair. I really wanted to like it but it was a miss for me.