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My fav hourglass palette to date

I love this palette, the only thing I’m not crazy about is the highlighter, it’s just more subtle than I’d like and it matches my skin tone too closely. The reason this is my favorite is because I love both blushes and the bronzer. The blushes in ghost are too pinky for me and the bronzer in unlocked is too dark/warm/shimmery. This bronzer is the perfect tone Imo, it has a reddish undertone but looks really natural. I love mood exposure and the new blush is also gorgeous.

Not too small

I was scared this was going to be too small but I actually really like the size. I don’t have the face one but it’s still on my list. Here it is next to master face for size reference. You can see from the top that the smooth buffer is a tad bit smaller in diameter. It hasn’t been washed yet though so I think it will bloom more. It’s super soft and even pressing it perpendicular into the face there are no pokey bristles. I used it today for finishing and also for bronzer. If you have a sheer bronzer (I used Charlotte tilbury new bronzer) you can buff it into the skin beautifully with this brush. It’s the perfect density and doesn’t move the makeup underneath. Sonia really is a genius when it comes to brushes and I can’t wait to see what else she comes out with, her releases are like Christmas for me 😂 for the pics I made sure the brushes were level with each other as to not distort the sizes with perception.

Beautiful brush for an amazing price

The quality of this brush is outstanding. The bristles are extremely soft, just as soft as my Sonia g brushes. The base is very heavy nice quality porcelain and the design is even prettier in person. And of course the story behind it is sad but also heartwarming. I have no idea how Beautylish was able to price this so low, $80 might seem high to someone not well versed in fude but saikoho Kabukis of this size and quality are usually twice as much. The brush was even a little larger than I had imagined, I believe the measurements are almost the same as the Z1. Beautylish was unable to verify who manufactured the brush head but I have a feeling it was Chikuhodo because that’s usually who makes their brushes, either way the quality is on par with Chikuhodo or Hakuhodo. Get it before it’s gone if you are a fude collector. Pic for size comparison with Sonia g master face.


Best highlighter I’ve tried thus far. It really does leave a wet looking shine with one swipe and it blends into the skin so well, no stripe. 2 things to be aware of. Fair and light medium are almost the same shade with light medium just being a tad warmer. Unless you are SUPER fair I would recommend getting light medium. I don’t know how well it would work on medium tan skin tones but there isn’t too much of a base pigment so I think it would still work. Also I noticed at Sephora that the testers all had hard pan but I’m sure they were swatched everyday multiple times a day and the oils from fingers made hard pan but just be aware of that and don’t swatch it a lot or use a wet brush in the pan. I also love the compact, the mirror is awesome and I like the magnetic closure. Def a home run.

Great blender/shader

The quality is superb just like all of Sonias brushes, silky soft, luxurious handle etc. In comparison to worker 3 this brush is slightly smaller and not as thick/fluffy. Similar to a 217 but not as thick. This brush is really good at packing on color as well as blending, a true multitasker.

My holy grail crease brush

This brush is just perfection in every way. Silky soft hair, beautiful handle, right amount of firmness and keeps its shape. This may be too directional for some people but that’s what I love about it. Sonias saikoho goat hair is the softest I’ve ever felt and I’ve tried lots of Japanese fude brands. I just ordered a backup of this brush and I almost never buy multiples because I have so many. It’s very similar to blender pro but the ferrule is pinched so it’s a bit more dense at the base. This brush is perfect for pigmented mattes that are harder to blend like Pat McGraths. Sonia is a brush god!

A piece of art

I absolutely love the Makie brushes from Chikuhodo. The MK 1 and 2 are a little too long for my taste (hair length). Since the bristles on the MK UM are a bit shorter, the brush is more dense and imo more versatile. You can use this brush for setting, finishing, bronzer and even blush. The bristles are beyond soft but any squirrel brush from Chikuhodo is. They feel like the bristles from Z series. The design on the handle is so much prettier in person and the overall craftsmanship is just beautiful. Yes it is pricey but once you switch to fude you will never go back to machine made synthetics. Pictured: MK UM, FO 1, z8, KZ 5


Omg, these brushes are to die for. I have no idea how she does it but these are seriously the softest goat I have ever felt. The softness of the mini cheek is almost like squirrel, it feels as soft as the Wayne Goss airbrush. The master face is soft enough for the most sensitive skin, 0 scratchiness. She is also a genius as far as the shapes go and how multi purpose they are. I’ll be using the master face for buffing finishing powder and applying mineral foundation. Here they are pictured next to other brushes, from L to R are Wayne Goss 00, face pro, master face, designer pro, classic cheek, face 2, mini cheek, Goss airbrush. Totally worth the money in my opinion.

Sonia g is my new fav

I’ve tried brushes from almost all of the top Japanese artisan brushes and I have to say so far these are my favorite even ahead of Wayne Goss (which I also love and admire). Her face brushes really are something special. The craftsmanship is gorgeous and it’s the softest goat hair I’ve ever felt, soft enough for the most sensitive faces. They get better and softer with every wash. I just ordered 3 of the sky face brushes and I can’t wait for them to arrive. Totally worth the money as they will last forever with proper care. This brush in particular is amazing for all over powdering or bronzer, even blush. It’s pretty air and fluffy and soft enough to even use for buffing. Amazing multipurpose brush, if you could only get 1 I’d vote for this one.

Unsure how I feel about it.

The quality of this brush is great, the bristles are soft and it is well made. I am just unsure if I like this brush shape. It is a bit too dense for bronzer and a bit too small for powder foundation. I might have to exchange it for a different brush that I would get some more use out of. If you need a brush this shape, I think you will like it quality wise.

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