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Crease Two

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Jessica H.
One of my most used brushes

This brush is incredibly versatile and I hope Sonia will bring it back. It applies powders and cream shadows with an airy, buildable touch which is more nuanced than blender pro. I also use it to dust the entire lid or to lighten the internal corners, or to dust shimmer on the area just below the brow. Amazing brush.

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Katlyn F.
My holy grail crease brush

This brush is just perfection in every way. Silky soft hair, beautiful handle, right amount of firmness and keeps its shape. This may be too directional for some people but that’s what I love about it. Sonias saikoho goat hair is the softest I’ve ever felt and I’ve tried lots of Japanese fude brands. I just ordered a backup of this brush and I almost never buy multiples because I have so many. It’s very similar to blender pro but the ferrule is pinched so it’s a bit more dense at the base. This brush is perfect for pigmented mattes that are harder to blend like Pat McGraths. Sonia is a brush god!

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Jelena V.
My perfect crease brush

I love the blender pro, but it's a little too small and too dense to lay down my transition color or fluff out the edges of my eyeshadow, so I decided to try this Crease Two. It's perfect. It deposits color in a more diffused way, which is just what I wanted. I also wondered about trying Wayne's brushes, but I just find the aesthetic of Sonia's brand much more appealing. The handles are so beautiful, her brushes make applying makeup such a luxurious experience.

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Laura J.

Ok, I have so, so many brushes that I put off getting Sonia G brushes for a long time. But I can honestly say this is my favorite crease brush I’ve ever used. I have Suqqu, Tom Ford, Wayne Goss, all the nice ones and this is just the best. I’m obsessed!

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Laura L.
Crease 2

This is a lovely brush... so glad i got it. You just can't go wrong with her brushes. I had tried another crease brush from her but I prefer this one much more because it covers more area and I have bigger eyes. The bristles are soft but firm enough to pick up pigment and distribute it beautifully over the eye in a seamless way. The handles are so gorgeous- little works of art.

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Araceli T.
Tom Ford #13 replacement?
Photo of product included with review by Araceli T.

I think I finally found a replacement for the Tom Ford #13 that I loved. I want to say this crease two is pretty darn similar. Very happy with this brush.

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Crystal W.
Love this brush

So far this is my second fav Sonia G brush (builder two being my fav). You just can't go wrong with her brushes. This one is soft but efficient. Really allows you to apply the shape you want and blend it out. So happy with this purchase.

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Sapna A.
Photo of product included with review by Sapna A.

It is a well-balanced and soft brush. I love that the bristles are undyed. It has a firmness and decent amount of flexibility to it and it is tapered to perfection for me. I find it to be the perfect size. However, I wish there was less resistance in the bristles. It places precisely and pigmented in the socket. All in all it’s a wonderful brush if you’re looking for precision and more pigment in the crease area.

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Anna X.
Hurry up with the pro set!!!!

All I need is my wayne and Sonia brushes. After the pro set. I’ll be set. (For a little while). They have just changed my make up game. Good brushes r everything. Period

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Anna X.
Love these can’t wait for the pros

I’ve got a few eye brush and a couple face. Theyr so good. Wayne and Sonia and I don’t need more brushes. But u know...

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