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Hewida  E.
Very disappointed
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Beautylish send to me wrong order cost 332 dollars and I'm pay 72 dollars to FEDEX and beautylish didn't help to send my anther order but want refund 332 dollars only I'm very angry you should be fixing the problem because it sold out on sale

Sanella A.
My first Hourglass product...

... and I love it! Based in Switzerland, I am new to Beautylish and constantly amazed about their client service and speedy deliveries (I ordered on Dec 31, got the package on Jan 5. I ordered some products in Switzerland the same day, they only arrived a couple of days later - amazing).

Back to Hourglass: although 45 years old and I considered myself quiet knowledgeable in beauty questions, I was not aware how much can be achieved with the right bronzer, powder, blush and highlight! And of course with the right brushes - Sonia G. has a new fan. This is by far the product I use the most ever since and I am constantly amazed by the colours and the sheen. Fully recommended, if you are looking for an elegant and decent coloration of your skin:-).

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Jennifer R.
Smaller than I thought but still perfect!

For some reason I thought the pans would be a bit bigger but I am still not disappointed. This palette has everything I need and then some. It's perfect for my skin tone right now (winter) and then the darker tones will be stunning for summer. They are the perfect amount of pigmentation and yet still buildable. Just stunning!

Kristie S.
Love this pallet

This is an amazing face pallet. The quality of the powders is just amazing. I'm in my 50's so I don't use the highlighter the way its meant to be used, I use it as a shimmer shade on my eyes. I have used Hourglass bronzer in dim light and the one in this pallet is just incredible. I love how easily the Hourglass powders blend I was surprised at the amount of product but then again it is Hourglass but I can definitely say this will last me until next holiday season and I bought it on black Friday so I got an amazing deal

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Joceline M.
Photo of product included with review by Joceline M.

I’m the medium skin tone range and it works really well for me, the shades are very pigmented and the formula is amazing! I never bought a palette from Hourglass before so the pan size shocked me, in the picture I compare the palette to the Nars Exposed face palette, a normal Colourpop blush and an Elf Bite Size duo, Nars weight per shade is 3 grams, Hourglass is 1.4 g, CP 6 g and Elf is 4.6 the entire palette, so it’s a bit small but for the quality and unique formula it’s worth it (for me). As for Beautylish, the service is incredible! I’m from Mexico and my package took almost 3 weeks to arrive, really good time considering the delays. I highly recommend this palette if you are in the light, medium and maybe even tan shade range.

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Angela J.
Beautiful but very similar to volume 4
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This is absolutely beautiful and hourglass quality, but the shades are so similar to the volume 4 which I also have. Not really a problem since you can't really get the older ones anymore so I won't be able to replace it when it's gone. I do want to address another review that I saw on here about the blushes having more ambient lighting powder than blush. I do wish that Hourglass could find a way to blend the 2 together in a more uniform manner because I've had the same issue with several of them, including a full size blush in diffused heat. I end up scraping off some of the regular powder so the blush shows up at all and it hurts to waste product that is so pricey! I haven't scraped any off the full sized shown but have with the smaller 2 because they were showing up as just shimmer the more I tried to add to get a bit of a wash of color.

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Katlyn F.
My fav hourglass palette to date

I love this palette, the only thing I’m not crazy about is the highlighter, it’s just more subtle than I’d like and it matches my skin tone too closely. The reason this is my favorite is because I love both blushes and the bronzer. The blushes in ghost are too pinky for me and the bronzer in unlocked is too dark/warm/shimmery. This bronzer is the perfect tone Imo, it has a reddish undertone but looks really natural. I love mood exposure and the new blush is also gorgeous.

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J H.
Defective blush & Beautylish says this is a normal product and to pay for my own return
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I asked Beautylish for an exchange given the defective purple blush ("Mood exposure")in the palette is 90% more white vs purple on the item that was sent to me. I have owned every single Hourglass palette over the years and I know that if the blend of the blush is predominantly white, the blush will turn out more white like a highlighter than blush. I had explained this and also sent in the comparison photos. I am not even asking for a refund, just a replacement of the defective palette and I haven't even used this palette yet and would never have complained if the blend was more even 50/50. But Beautylish's unacceptable response that the product is normal and I must bear the return shipping cost is ridiculous. Thank you very much for sending me a defective product and the poor customer service. I will gladly take my business elsewhere to wasting my time and money.

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