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I do not want to live without this oil. It's so so hydrating and does not have perfume in it. I have never used an oil that was great, but this is just amazing. Love!!

Hydrating but smells strong

I was really hoping this would smell like banana or coconut, but all I get is cheap, artificial and sweet, it's enough to keep me from buying it again since it lingers for hours. If you can stand the smell, it is a really moisturizing body cream, it feels nice and I would say it sinks into the skin pretty fast.

Feels so nice

Very hydrating, sinks in fast, has no fragrance. Makeup applies beautifully on top of this!


I debated getting this for a long time. Alot of people said you needed to use the Magic cream with this for it to look nice. I found that not to be true. As long as your skin is nice and moisturized (as it should be for makeup), you should be fine with any good moisturizer under this. I don’t think it’s extraordinary, but it is a high coverage, nice looking foundation. I bought 4 neutral, and feel as if it turns a bit orange.

Good, but pricey

This cream is really moisturizing on the skin, but for me thats about it. Doesn’t work miracles or anything. I heard from several people that you needed this for the newest CT foundation to look nice, but I disagree. Also don’t like the rose scent, I think it gives the cream a cheaper feel.


Perfect color stories and formulas, ND delivers as usual. Highly recommend these. Love these products!

Stunning and easy mini

The bronzer in this is beautiful and blends so easy on my light skin. The highlighter is glittery, but a ND style superfine glitter. LOVE!


I think its fair to say that its pretty obvious that some of these shades are glittery. I wouldn’t say that it takes much research at all to know that. Glitter is multidimensional, and this term is used by many other brands as well. I personally like that powders are dry and not wet! Diamond in the shade name says glitter to me! This is like her other face palettes, and if you like superfine glitter on the face, this is for you. Its a beautiful ND quality!

Honestly stunning

Adding this my Natasha Denona collection was a must! Obsessed with the colors and formulas

Good browgel and nice brush

This product is great, it gives enough color without being too much and sets the brows without them feeling heavy. The applicator is so small and perfect for "grabbing" the hairs. Wish this came with more product for the price!

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