Beauty Product Reviews

Nice color, but it didn't look too nice on me. I don't think the shade really fit my complexion. The one time I wore it, it even looked funny in pictures. It feathered as well

I thought this was such a pretty color, but like the other reviews said it settles into the lines. Maybe Natty G. is right, matte can't be applied beautifully on lips.

This went on extremely light. Maybe because it's beyond hot right now and the stick may have been sweating. I'll give it another try though because I haven't found a red lipstick that I love.

I love this shade! It actually looks nice on my lips, kind of pinkish. Goes on nicely. I usually put on a light gloss before I apply, next time I'll try to apply it without the gloss underneath.

I didn't really like it. Maybe it was the color. I was looking for something natural looking. I didn't like the "buttery-soft" feeling. It was like it was never settled on my lips, as if it was melting. *It also feathered, but that's probably because of my lips.

I really like this mascara. The micro bristles really grip my lashes. It makes it look like I have extremely long and dark lashes, I love it! It comes off easily, although a few times a lash has come out too. I'll admit, I bought it because the bottle is brightly colored, but I'm happy I did.