Matte Lipstick


Brittany B.

I thought this was such a pretty color, but like the other reviews said it settles into the lines. Maybe Natty G. is right, matte can't be applied beautifully on lips.

Tina W.

It settles in the lines, which is annoying but if you exfoliate REALLY well and and put a lip balm underneath it might work better. The color is gorgeous, it washes me out a bit but for some other skin tones it might not.

Natty G.
most dissapointing product i've ever bought

the color ---- very very beautiful, i cant deny that its color is really beautiful. the texture --- too matte , cannot b applied beautifully on lips (i had tried before nearly thousand time --- but it doesnt work well)

now ---- its in my bin Y^Y .. really dissapointing