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Mega Last Lip Color

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kia O.
very nice
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I dont live in the us so i ordered it on beautyjoint. com. I never had red lipstick before but i really love this one.Its more pinkish and stains my lips everytime i use , it but its very longlasting and non drying.I gonna buy me some more. I heard that mochalicious, red velvet,raivin raisin, vamp it up and cherry bomb are some good lipsticks :))

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Nahomi L.

i will keep buying it and buying it! i own 2 or 3 colors!! <3 i love the smoothness and how bold the colors are! great product, great price! i have been complimented numerous times because of this lip color.

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Brittany B.

This went on extremely light. Maybe because it's beyond hot right now and the stick may have been sweating. I'll give it another try though because I haven't found a red lipstick that I love.