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Perfection for face and cheek products

I adore this brush! It’s fantastic for bronzing/ contouring, applying blush and highlighter. Same quality as my Tom Ford Bronzer Brush but more versatile. Similarly shaped to last years holiday brush but much bigger (and better imo). I cannot fault this brush, it is perfection for face and cheek products. THANK YOU WAYNE! YOU NEVER DISAPPOINT. 💖💖💖💖💖

Love this!

I love this puff. It fits perfectly into my Coty Airspun Loose Powder container. I have very dry skin and I just find the puff is better than a brush at applying setting powder, after application of my foundation. It also washes and dries well. Use: I tap powder into the lid of the container, dab in my ND powder puff, rub the powder puff together to distribute the powder evenly over the puff, tap the puff to remove any excess powder, and then apply to my entire face using rolling motions. This powder puff is perfect for these actions and applies my perfect amount of product. I like it so much I bought a backup. 🌸

Not a favourite...

I don’t like this brush. I tried really hard to like it but despite the price and quality, I just don't. I bought the entire Z-series and this is the only one I have no use for (I highly recommend all the other Z-series brushes).

The shape is consistent with a contour brush, the squirrel hairs are beautifully soft, the craftsmanship is superb, but I just don’t like the way my makeup looks when I use it. I much prefer my Zoeva 140 Luxe Petite Buffer brush that is considerably cheaper...which is larger, of a similar shape, and a mixture of goat and synthetic. Attached photo is Z-3 and Zoeva 140 for comparison (I’m sorry my 140 brush wasn’t washed). I would only recommend this brush if you’re the type of person who needs the complete set. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother. The craftsmanship is superb but I personally have no use for this brush.🌸


I have 4 of these brushes...I can’t live without them. So versatile, so soft, so perfect. I highly recommend you buy at least one. ♥️

Great for mature eyes

I am 53years old with hooded eyes and small wrinkles around my eyes. These micro beauty blenders are fantastic for use with Concealer around the eyes. For me they work much better than the full size B.B. as I only use concealer where I need it and these blend it beautifully. I can’t live without them now. Note: if you are younger and use a lot of concealer these may not be for you as it would take forever to blend. Best for mature eyes. Only negative is that they are so small they are difficult to hold and easy to lose. I’m still giving them 5 stars though.


I bought this brush from CD Japan but would have waited if I’d known Beautylish was going to stock, because of their fantastic return policies and customer service. Not that I would ever return this beautiful brush! I love it! I bought it to complete my Z-series collection. It performs well for blending out my transition, doing a final eye blend and for setting my eye primer and concealer. It is a similar size to the Wayne Goss no. 03 but more domed shaped (and of course has the shorter handle like other Z-series brushes). Pictured is the WG03, Z11, Z5 and Z10 eyeshadow brushes for comparison. I love all of these brushes and I am so glad I purchased the Z11 to complete my collection.

A surprising love affair...

It took me a long time to talk myself into buying these micro beauty blenders. I have “mature” hooded, wrinkly eyes and I was never happy with the inner corners of my eyes once my eye makeup was done. My concealer always seemed smooth enough after blending but once I added powder it did not look as good. I have the original B.B. but it just couldn’t do the job to my satisfaction (on the face yes, but not my delicate eye area). After thinking these little B.B. were a gimmick for a long time, I purchased one to try. I WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT THEM EVER AGAIN. 💖 love. My only negative is that they are a little difficult to hold because they are so small. But that hasn’t stopped me from ordering another pair...I want to try the black ones this time!


I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures but there is silver/black glitter around the sides of this palette, very pretty. If you like a bit of bling you will love this. Typical Z-palette...well made and performs well. I just ordered another one for my sister-in-law.🌸🌸🌸


This Z-palette is stunning. I put all my Viseart shadows in this palette and they just look beautiful in this. Worth the extra money.😀⭐️⭐️⭐️

Think long and hard about this purchase...

Do not buy this if it is to be your first foray into colours as there is little pigmentation and zero lasting power. These are difficult to apply and difficult to blend. I can get some colour on my lids when I pack on the matte and then pack the shimmer on top of the matte. Used separately they do not complement as the shimmers are darker than the mattes and imo that is not a good look. After saying that though, I am determined to make this work because it is a By Terry product and it should work...somehow. I will try different primers, different techniques and different companion palettes and write again if I find something positive to say. Two stars for the packaging and the layout. I actually don’t mind using smaller brushes and I think it looks pretty.

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