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Donna D.
Truly a staple tool...

While I would NEVER tell anyone (other than the BL crowd) how much I pay for these tiny green objects, I choose not to do without them. Simply put, the shape of the is perfect for under the eye--as is the pointy end for the inner corner.

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Jessica O.
Newest obsession

I looooooe these little sponges!! I have the original larger BB but these green gems are fantastic for blending concealer around the eyes. I use it with the IT Cosmetics concealer and WOW, a total game changer!! They really do work better than the larger BB for undereye blending and application.

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Ruth A.

These little things are perfect for under the eye. I like to do my foundation with a brush but since concealer is of thicker consistency a beauty blender is the best thing to make it look like skin instead of cake face. I love them. Will be buying more.

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RuthAnn G.
Love these!

I absolutely love these and use them everyday... perfect for around the eyes & nose. And because they're this yummy lime green color are easy to find after laying down. Great idea Beautyblender!

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Stella D.

I love these little guys ! There so handy, perfect for concealer around your nose, under eyes, spots. I love to blend the Nars radiant creamy concealer with these guys, they work together sooo well !! Defo recommend these ❤️

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Jenny M.
A surprising love affair...

It took me a long time to talk myself into buying these micro beauty blenders. I have “mature” hooded, wrinkly eyes and I was never happy with the inner corners of my eyes once my eye makeup was done. My concealer always seemed smooth enough after blending but once I added powder it did not look as good. I have the original B.B. but it just couldn’t do the job to my satisfaction (on the face yes, but not my delicate eye area). After thinking these little B.B. were a gimmick for a long time, I purchased one to try. I WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT THEM EVER AGAIN. 💖 love. My only negative is that they are a little difficult to hold because they are so small. But that hasn’t stopped me from ordering another pair...I want to try the black ones this time!

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Susan C.
Handy Little Gems

Work as well as the mama BB and nicely tuck into smaller areas like under the eye and around nose for seamless blending. Also do a nice job blending around the hairline & ears. Will be getting more for my travel makeup bag! A winner.

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Jenny M.
Great for mature eyes

I am 53years old with hooded eyes and small wrinkles around my eyes. These micro beauty blenders are fantastic for use with Concealer around the eyes. For me they work much better than the full size B.B. as I only use concealer where I need it and these blend it beautifully. I can’t live without them now. Note: if you are younger and use a lot of concealer these may not be for you as it would take forever to blend. Best for mature eyes. Only negative is that they are so small they are difficult to hold and easy to lose. I’m still giving them 5 stars though.

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Alexis A.
Perfect For Concealer Blending

These are very good for blending under eye concealer and are the little sisters of the classic blender! They are VERY small though. Not suggested for be lending foundation or things like that. Great for small areas!

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Rachel M.
Overpriced, but can't live without them.

Dear Beauty Blender, why do you offer these magic sponges for so much more than dupes?! How much better than those $5 finds can you really be? After throwing money at cheaper versions that end up in the trash, I surrender. I didn't want to love you, but I do...

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