Beauty Product Reviews

The best perfume!

I totally LOVE this perfume! So fresh scent! If I had to choose one perfume to wear for the rest of my life, it would be this one! Go by one yourself!

Affordable product!

This blush is easy to apply. Not to much color at first apply, but I like that. It's easier to apply two layers than take away one that sharp (?). All over I like this blush! Really affordable!

Love the color!

I love the color of this lipstick Godess! Perfect red-orange color and creamy consistence, it doesn't dry out your lips! Usually I'm a little coward when it comes to color, but this one I really like! So if you're like me, try this one! :)

Check out <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a> where they're really cheap! :)

Fresh fresh fresh!

I think the description of this category is 100% right! It's fresh, fresh, fresh! And I love that it's a light scent that I can wear daily, but for me does it work even at night!

If you like fragrences that's fresh and gives energy, get this one! :)

Good quality

I love the organizer bag. Perfect size when I travel, the most important make up fits perfectly. The brushes is good quality and godd start for someone who doesn't have any tools. I have complemented with a few other brushes.


I love this mascara, it does what it promises! Gives a lot of volume and separate tha lashes. I have long lashes so this is the perfect mascara for me, I like when it looks like I have million lashes ;) One of my favorite-mascaras!

Makes nails harder

The miracle cure is great! It makes the nails harder, but there is one thing that I don't like - the consistence! It's really thick and that makes it hard to hold for a few days. But except that is this a perfect product!


I think the primer is a little dry, at least on my lips, and it could have been transparent. It look likes foundation on the lips. But the lipstick stands on! I've just tried it with nude-lipstick and that was okay, but I don't know about a colored lipstick.

The plumper sticks in the lips, but it's okey. I think it plumps a little bit and feels godd on the lips. Does not dry out! And like Rach says it's smells like christmas! Haha!

Great brush!

I just got this brush and I already love it! Perfect when you're gonna cover with color all over the eyelid. Easy to pick up the shadow with and feels good to hold in the hand.

The best thing ever!

This is the most fantastic thing ever! I'll never go back to a usual hairbrush! This brush really detangles the hair and never sticks in the hair. I usually have a little pain brushing my hair, but never with this one! I've already recommended this to all my friends!

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