Beauty Product Reviews

Beautiful application

I love this!!! It is so useful for different types of lipsticks when you want to create the image of the perfect Cupid's bow.

My sephora brush for lips works just as well though and it costs eight dollars less.


The only reason why I gave this four stars is probably because a few of my friends hated the smell and thought I smelled toxic.

If you apply it too heavily, it might smell a lot like alcohol. The perfume has the signature Dior smell of vanilla. The vanilla smells really sweet.

Be sure not to put on too much XD


This perfume and rollerball smells absolutely amazing! It has a citrus and fresh smell and I love using it during the winter. It smells really fruity and floral and so far none of my friends have complained when I wore it.

Pretty good

This would be absolutely fabulous for you of you love a strong and spicy scent of smell.

I love the majority of the Calvin Klein perfumes and I prefer Eternity over this but the smell is pretty good to me.

The perfume is really long lasting...I remember accidentally spraying my jacket and it stayed there for quite a few days.


Eh Lush should just stick to making it's amazing bath bombs and body butters. The smell isn't very strong and I sometimes feel like I put on nothing. The Jasmine doesn't perfume very well.

Not worth it

Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle smells really good and I like to wear it often. On the the other hand, Chanel no. 5 smells weird... I'm really not too sure why everybody likes it but I don't particularly like the smell and it disgusts me every time..the packaging is nice though


Amazing! This smells really good It smells much better then the white and when you smell it you don't feel like you're inhaling toxins. Will be buying the actual perfume, already bought the rollerball :)

Not the best but really good still

I usually wear more expensive lip balms or lipsticks that also moisturize. But since a few of my friends were carrying these around all day I decided to try it.

It doesn't last very long and you constantly have to apply it. But it does work really well to treat your chapped lips and it smells really good and tastes good :)


When I first saw this product at Lush, I thought that it was going to be extremely sticky and hard. It turned out to be really amazing and really helpful! It works magic on really cracked lips and a plus too: it smells like chocolate