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So pretty!

I bought two lipsticks, in Lily and Carnation. I’m coming back for you, Zinnia!

My natural lips are more of a brownish neutral, full, with a medium tone skin. I’m also 62, and love Wayne because he never forgets that older women want nice makeup too. His tutorials are helpful, as our skin changes application should too, and colors you’ve never tried now look good and Wayne always remembers that.

It was hard to tell what colors to get as many in his line just seem a shade different and a bit light, and there haven’t been many online swatches yet. While maybe I would have enjoyed them all, many of the lighter colors may not have worked for me. Fortunately, both of the colors I picked are lovely and perfect, The Lily is a great neutral with a touch of pink. Carnation is a beautiful, sheer rose, which I liked much better than the recent Hermes rose release. I was worried as I prefer a cool undertone and the swatches I saw seemed warm, but these can be sheered out so you don’t feel like you have too much pink on. You have color on the lips, but it still seems natural, you know?

They are extremely creamy and do not settle into lines. While I haven’t gone out (who has?) I’ve worn them all day (yes, trying them both) and they seem to have good wear. I felt like I had nothing on after a couple hours, went to look in the mirror, and was surprised to see it was still there. I also bought a pencil and a gloss which I’ll review separately.

I’m the (unknown) neutral lipstick queen, buying every formula and color out there, and I have to say this is in my favorites. It’ll be hard to beat out Androgeny for me, but it may be possible! My recent fav has been pillow talk medium but this formula is much less drying and I’m sure I’ll reach for it more.

I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo when it was light out but if I can add I’ll try to do that tomorrow. All my mature friends should see what Wayne has done!

Great no-tug texture

I like a softer liner for eyes, and this is great. It works on waterline or underneath, and lasts too. As a contact wearer, I appreciate a pencil that works on waterline. I also think it’s really clever to have a pencil with two matching colors-who finishes a pencil? I never do.

My only problem is the colors. I bought the copper one, and every single time I’ve worn it, somebody asks me if I have allergies. I’ve worn copper and dark copper liners before, but something about these shades don’t work for me. Both the light and dark cast sickly red on me. Maybe it’s too red without enough brown undertone; I don’t know. . However, I’m sure it works well for others. It’s disappointing because I love the other Tilbury products but this doesn’t work for me.

However, it’s creamy, no tugging, and lasts so I’d call it a good liner.

Perfect color matte

I am a matte lipstick freak. I buy many colors, but it seems I always wear neutral mattes.

Color-wise, this is gorgeous. For me anyway. I bought the matching pencil and my lips look perfect. It is a dryer formula and without prepping your lips, every wrinkle or piece of lose skin will show. So scrub first then moisturize and you’ll be happy.

I’ve noticed Pillow Talk Med is almost identical to Bond Girl. The description isn’t the same, but swatched they are super close twins and on my lips they are identical. I’m ok as I can put one in my bag and start with another. But you should know. Pillow Talk seems a bit more moisturized so if I could only get one, that’d be my choice.

I bought both the lip and eye pencil too, and I’m tempted to buy the pillow talk palette. All my Favorite colors and lots of mattes. I probably have them but in different palettes and I could see this being my standard.

But will anybody ever see me again? By the time quarantine is over it’ll be expired!


I am addicted to Viseart. I’m not a makeup artist but like many women, I enjoy makeup and have many palettes. Because of price, I dipped my toes in Viseart at first. I started with cashmere theory, then bought amethyst theory, then a larger cool matte, then a warm matte. With the gift card sale, I bought Boheme.

First, as everybody has said, Viseart palettes are completely worth the money. Zero fallout, easy blending, and there are colors for everybody. There is really nothing else to add about the formulation, it’s as good as everybody says and very easy for a non-professional to get beautiful results.

As a 61 year old, I worry about bright colors and shimmer. Yet I also feel that any age can wear anything, done tastefully, with a little knowledge and the right product. Because my eyes are hooded, which has naturally gotten worse over the years, I do like to put shimmer on my lid, to make it show, and mattes on the crease, to shadow it down.

I was so attracted to boheme because of the three matching ribbons of shimmer colors. So I’ve been using the lightest in the corner near my nose and blending the other colors in the trio outwards, with a neutral matte from another palette in the crease. And it looks beautiful and subtle. The shimmer is lovely and elegant, and blends beautifully. It’s not bright or glittery, which wouldn’t be appropriate for my normal day looks. I’m sure I’ll mix away from the three matching soon as there are many combinations possible.

I’m really happy to do makeup again and no longer feel like it’s a chore I need to do. The Viseart palettes spark my creativity and make me happy to do my eyes. I only wish I had known about it from the beginning, I wouldn’t have so many barely used palettes gathering dust.

I don’t know if I have all I need now. I suspect so, there is plenty of shadow in each pan...but the eyebrow one is calling me name....

Don’t let the price put you off. If you choose your colors well you will find that Viseart is all you will need. I understand why makeup artists love it.

Leaves hair soft and bright

My hair is silver grey and is down past my bra strap. I’ve been using purple shampoos for a long time, but while they help with the yellow, most brands are very drying.

I tried this one, although I thought it was odd that it was white. Yet, it still keeps my hair sparkling, and without the dryness I had before.

It doesn’t lather as much as others but many purples don’t either. And it leaves my hair softer than it’s ever been. My hair stylist has even commented on how manageable it has become.

If you have natural gray, you know that it can get wiry and rough. This shampoo has changed that, and I’m never going back! My only problem is I’d like to try others in the line, but won’t give up the one with Centaury!

Vacation Dreams in a Bottle

I’m a life long perfume addict. As a.teen, I discovered a cologne called 4711, which I fell in love with. It lasts only about 10 minutes, but I was so refreshing I didn’t care. I live in a hot climate so I bought big bottles and would splash it on by the handful. At some point, I couldn’t get it anymore and forgot about it.

Tom Ford had a perfume event at my nearest Nordstrom and I went, smelling his various perfumes, nearly all of them exquisite. Then it was Neroli Portofino’s turn, and an electric shock hit my body. The scent of my youth! Well, sorry Beautylish, I spend a lot of money with you but I had to buy it instantly.

I love it so much. I’ve never been to Italy but this is what I imagine it smells like. Orange flowers and blue crystal waters. It’s amazing. It is the scent of my life.

But, as people have said, it is not a long-lasting fragrance. I don’t know why. I understood my 4711 was a refreshing and cheap cologne and not meant to last, but this one should. Yes, it does last longer than the cologne, but not more than a couple hours. That may be on purpose, as the drydown is so clean and pure. So I bought a bottle and a purse spray to refresh. I do want to smell this all day.

That is my only complaint about this marvelous perfume. It has made me want to try Tom Ford everything.

For those who love it but can’t imagine the price for a scent that doesn’t last, here are my tips and it’s all about fragrance layering. I use the 4711 soap and/or body wash. There is no cream so I’ll likely buy Ford’s team. Deodarant, and oil. Then I liberally splash 4711 from head to toe (yes, now that there is online shopping I have it again). The final touch is Neroli Portofino perfume, with the mini in my bag. A trick my grandmother taught me-spray a Cotten ball with your perfume and tuck in your bra.

You might ask why I don’t just stick with 4711, but it truly doesn’t last more than minutes and Tom Ford’s scent does last a few hours. And while they are nearly identical, Ford’s fragrance has an extra depth. Yes, there are other Neroli fragrances that are close, but none like this for me.

Others would take off a star for longevity but not me, because this fragrance transports me like no other-and I literally have hundreds of other perfumes. I am a collector. It will always be my favorite scent. Beautylish, please add the oil!

Nice for little marks

The only we get, the more spots we seem to get. Even after doing laser treatments I still have some brown spots and tiny capillaries. All those years of sun worshiping are showing.

I’ve tried concealer but can’t get the right look. But this pencil is perfect. I can draw on top of the spots and they just magically disappear. I can wear foundation right over it and nothing shows. It’s also great for little marks on my chest and arms where I don’t want to cover with foundation.

This pencil is going to be a new part of my makeup routine. The only problem is that the stick isn’t screwing down the way I’d hoped. I haven’t tried it to get new product up yet, but I have confidence that if it doesn’t work, Beautylish will make it right.

To me, this is the best product to cover small marks on the skin. If you don’t need foundation, this may be all you need.

Georgeous colors

A lovely glitter that doesn't get everywhere. If you hate cleaning up messy glitter for three days, but want a glittery look, this is for you. Goes on easy and comes off easy.

The three colors are lovely. I bought it for the pinky bronze one, but the silver is very pretty, as is the coppery brown. The make your kids shine without overdoing a color.

As a person with deepset, hooded eyes I love these glitters that call attention to my lids without being overwhelming. They don't smear everywhere and don't get on the hood. Yes, they are glitter so you might find a speck on your cheek but it's never a mess. Well done.

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Seems to be good for nails but changes color.

My toenails are getting dry and also now have white spots. I was terrified I was getting some sort of fungus, but searches show it's merely dry and likely from the chemo I'm on continuously. Still, we cancer patients want to look good too, so I find products like this that can help me look healthy and cared for while also solving a problem.

So if my nails need air, why not try breathable polish? Don't want them to suffocate.

The color I picked was beautiful but darkened considerably after it dried. It was still pretty so didn't bother me, but is something to note. It got darker still as days went buy.

Coverage is good, and is easy to apply. No problems with the brush. It lasted as long on my toes as any other polish.

And here's where it gets good-the white spots started to disappear. They seem to be gone now, and I did nothing different but use this polish. It isn't even the only one I used-I did go back for a color switch to OPI from time to time. But I kept this as my main polish a few months.

I confess-I'm not really a believer in the magic some cosmetics say they can achieve. I don't know that breathable polish solved my problem or if it would have happened anyway. I don't know if there is a chemical in polishes that my nails don't like, or if a soap affected me, or any number of things. But I also see no reason to not keep a bottle around and use it from time to time.

My main concern is the color change but it's minor and as long as you aren't doing an exact match for something, and you are not intense about colors, it should be fine.

I didn't use it on fingers much, as my fingernails are very soft and brittle from my treatment and nothing lasts more than a few hours. Fortunately, the white spot issue was strictly toes.

Brows look great

I confess, I've always used cheap brow brushes. Wax gets clogged in them and the shape changes quickly so I figured, why bother? I watch Wayne and know what a stickler for brows he is so I should have known to get better tools! Anyway, I got these in my lucky bag, and I'm so glad I did-I now see the difference the right tools can make.

After losing my hair to chemo, my brows did now grow back fully and I have weird gaps. I've tried a lot of products, from waxes to pencils to powders. These brushes are the best I tried. When using powder and brushes, and even smoothing out pencil. The hero brush stands up to powder and wax, and you can get a great looking shape. The spoolie is stronger than a regular spoolie and is better for corralling those wayward hairs, and the comb is great for eyelashes. I have gaps in them too so this helps me even them out before putting mascara on. They are also a good size for working in front of a mirror-some brushes are too long.

I probably would never have splurged on these brushes but I'm so glad I have them.

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