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Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow Set - Written In The Stars


Danielle V.
Danielle V.'s Review Image

I loved these you get 3 small ones for the price of one and they should last awhile because you just need a little bit and I love that there’s no fall out like with regular costmetic glitter they are also long lasting especially if you add glitter glue

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Nina H.

Love this product - first glitter product I've used that actually stays on - ALL DAY! It just takes a tiny bit to add impact where you want it. My local "other" store was out of this so thought I'd order it on line. When I received my package from Beautylish, it was like getting a birthday package wrapped up just for me. Every little thing was so fun to open - they even put a sample in a little bag with a string around it. Loved it!

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Christina W.
Excellent buy

Beautiful colors that actually stay put without any crease and no fallout. Definitely will be buying the full set!

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Ann S.
Georgeous colors

A lovely glitter that doesn't get everywhere. If you hate cleaning up messy glitter for three days, but want a glittery look, this is for you. Goes on easy and comes off easy.

The three colors are lovely. I bought it for the pinky bronze one, but the silver is very pretty, as is the coppery brown. The make your kids shine without overdoing a color.

As a person with deepset, hooded eyes I love these glitters that call attention to my lids without being overwhelming. They don't smear everywhere and don't get on the hood. Yes, they are glitter so you might find a speck on your cheek but it's never a mess. Well done.

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Charlotte R.
Love them

I love these. They are long lasting and beautiful. They are easy to apply and last for over 12 hours.

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Anne S.
I think it’s a great product for younger women

I bought these because Desi Perkins had used them in one of her tutorials. It looked beautiful on her. I couldn’t see from the tutorial that the glitter was as chunky as it is. It’s an overwhelming look for women my age (I’m 40). I do recommend this for younger women. As far as the product itself, it burned when I used it with Urban Decay’s Original Primer Potion. I also tried it with Maybelline’s Master Conceal Camouflaging Concealer, and set my eyes with It cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Translucent Powder. No burning occurred when I did that. In each case, it took more than 5 minutes for the product to dry on my lids. Not a big deal, as long as you’re not in a hurry. The glitter does transfer to your cheeks. Minimal amount, but still. It’s hard to get glitter off when your makeup look is complete. Even Desi had trouble in her tutorial getting it off her face. I do my eyes first, then my face so that no fallout or transfer occurs. It just happens that this glitter does transfer. If you’re older and wanting to use glitter, I would highly recommend Glitter Realm. It’s not chunky, and it’s easy to work with, with no transfer issues. It’s also vegan and cruelty free.

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Beatrice F.
Great product

For the ones complaining that you might not like the colors uhmmmm.... hello that is what happens when you order on line stop complaining and go purchase at ulta or sephora so you can see the actual color. I freaking live this glitters I have every color. 😍

Emily M.

Love this glitter set. Creates a glitter look that stays on, and comes off when you want it to.

Ali P.

I’m so siked I purchased these. I couldn’t bring myself to pay 25 for a color I may not end up liking and this came with the three I was considering. Perfect.

Essie C.
Crumbly and fallout

These minis did not work for me at all. They dried down and started crumbling on my skin and has glitter fallout everywhere once it dried. The original Stila magnificent metals are so much more worth the splurge if your a glitter type of gal.