Inglot Cosmetics

O2M Breathable Nail Enamel


Ann S.
Seems to be good for nails but changes color.

My toenails are getting dry and also now have white spots. I was terrified I was getting some sort of fungus, but searches show it's merely dry and likely from the chemo I'm on continuously. Still, we cancer patients want to look good too, so I find products like this that can help me look healthy and cared for while also solving a problem.

So if my nails need air, why not try breathable polish? Don't want them to suffocate.

The color I picked was beautiful but darkened considerably after it dried. It was still pretty so didn't bother me, but is something to note. It got darker still as days went buy.

Coverage is good, and is easy to apply. No problems with the brush. It lasted as long on my toes as any other polish.

And here's where it gets good-the white spots started to disappear. They seem to be gone now, and I did nothing different but use this polish. It isn't even the only one I used-I did go back for a color switch to OPI from time to time. But I kept this as my main polish a few months.

I confess-I'm not really a believer in the magic some cosmetics say they can achieve. I don't know that breathable polish solved my problem or if it would have happened anyway. I don't know if there is a chemical in polishes that my nails don't like, or if a soap affected me, or any number of things. But I also see no reason to not keep a bottle around and use it from time to time.

My main concern is the color change but it's minor and as long as you aren't doing an exact match for something, and you are not intense about colors, it should be fine.

I didn't use it on fingers much, as my fingernails are very soft and brittle from my treatment and nothing lasts more than a few hours. Fortunately, the white spot issue was strictly toes.