Beauty Product Reviews


Can't stress this enough! Probably the most amazing eyeliner on the marked. I splashed water on it and rubbed my finger on it and REALLY tried to sabotage it, but it stayed as perfectly on as promised. I am so excited about this product.

Gives a slight difference, but not sure if it's just the gloss that gives the effect of fuller lips or if the product actually plumps the lips. Definatly the one of all the lip plumpers i've tried that stings the much, which i guess is a good sign. As seen on the picture, i got an instant effect and the gloss keeps plumping the lips

I used this for quite a while, as i have VERY Chapped lips. I really thought this balm worked, but i would notice my lips getting addicted to the EOS, and i would have to reapply all the time. The thing is, many lipbalms dries your lips out so that you become addicted to the product, and will keep buying it. Once i stoppes using the EOS lip balm, my lips went back to normal.

Not a big fan of this. It plumps your lips for a while, but it's like it stops working after you've had it for some time. I would guess your lips gets used to the formula after a couple of times. The price is not very affordable eighter.

Best powder there is on the marked. It's so underrated. I simply adore it. The coverage is great, and it can be used over foundation or on your bare skin. Looks great eigther way. Builds up nicely, and it does not look like you have powder on.

Loved this foundation in the begining, and i still like it alot, but i feel like the coverage could have been a little better. Not so good for dry skin. Gives a smooth finish and it's very light weight.

I can't stress this enough. The Boiing concealer is just perfect. I have very dark under-eyes, and this product conceals every little imperfection. It looks very natural, and will stay on for soooo long. If i don't want to wear makeup one day, but I still want to cover my dark circles, i apply a dash of this and it will litterally stay on unill I wash it of. For an extra coverage, i would use the Benefit stay flawless powder on top. As for the application, i use my index finger to warm up the product, and i also apply it with my finger.

Not a fan. Made me break out and dried out my skin. Did not blend in with the skin and I also did not like the shimmer in it. Would not recomend this product.

The best

Gives the longest, most beautiful lashes. Separates nicely, and does not smudge of throughout the day. Very nice to use on the lower lashes as well, and reaches every lash